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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Barry Chait. I live in Los Angeles, and I do CAD drafting and design at a company that makes electric streetcars. I heard about Steemit and D Tube through Suppoman whose crypto currency videos I watch on YouTube. Although I have been into crypto currency since about August of 2017, it is not the main reason I am here.

For almost 18 years I have been a sky watcher in Los Angeles, and wherever else I may go. I am appalled and deeply disturbed by the chemtrail geoengineering operations I observe in the sky over Los Angeles every day, and the total disregard by mainstream media, environmental organizations and just about everybody. The chemtrails have only gotten worse over the many years that I have observed them, and there is seemingly no end to them!

I make videos documenting what I see including commentary, often times sarcastic. I post the videos on Facebook, where I am in touch with other Friends who are likewise concerned about the geoengineering operations. What I don’t like is that Facebook shows my videos only to people with an interest in this topic; not to my other Friends who I want to see my videos. So it’s like preaching to the choir. I am hoping that I can get a broader audience on Steemit. I have a lot to say about this topic and I would like some people who are not as familiar as I am with it to maybe read some articles or see some of my videos. Is this possible to do on Steemit and D Tube?

Thanks, and I look forward to posting more material and hearing what others have to say.

Barry Chait

P.S. The idea of getting Steem for my efforts sounds good too!

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welcome to steemit, best of luck!

Thank you for making the effort to bring the critical information to Steemit!

This is very interesting keep it up I can see that you'll have a lot of audiences here. Welcome to steemit and I wish you all the best. =)

Welcome to steemit, am sure you will enjoy it here. Am looking forward to seeing more post from you. Feel free to follow me @greatman4eva

Welcome to Steemit Barry! Good luck! Upvoted!

Welcome to Steemit! It's got a steep learning curve, but it's worth it in the long run if you keep putting in the time! Just know that it will take quite a while before you start getting attention and followers. The secret to success? Keep posting high quality content regularly, and make sure to search out other people's posts, read them, and give relevant comments.

Tagging is extremely important. Always make sure to use all five possible tags, and to keep them relevant. You can always just tag something "blog" or "photography" or something else really general (so long as it's still relevant) to fill the quota if you need to- most of your tags should be established ones, though one or two less used ones are fine.

Posting more than four times a day can reduce your potential rewards, as well as turning off potential users. (I aim for one post per day most of the time.) Consistency is important, though, so you should try to post often.

Always make sure to attach a photo to your posts! You should also have a finished profile: Write a description, add a profile picture and a banner- neither needs to be of you, necessarily, but you should have something- and set a website.

There are a lot of really good resources out there for minnows (new users). You should check out the following groups and services, they offer a lot of valuable resources to new users:

@thesteemengine (Check this one out first- they're an extremely supportive group.)
@qurator (These guys offer an excellent liftime upvote to accounts that post consistent quality content.)
@originalworks (Whenever you write an original post, tag this account- they'll verify it's original and upvote you.)
@steembasicincome (Another lifetime upvote option.)
@steemstem (The biggest and best STEM curation group in the game. If you're interested in writing or reading about science, check these guys out!)
@geopolis (A fairly new science curation group, this one's dedicated to the study of the Earth.)
@ocd (A curation group that seeks out undervalued new writers.)

And, again, the biggest thing is just patience. Breakout successes are incredibly rare on Steemit- you've got to find your way there through perseverance and hard work. It takes time, but you'll eventually succeed if you put in the work.

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Thank you ..


Great advice.

Welcome to Steemit bgcee and I'm sure you'll have a great time here!! :)

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

Hello!! Welcome to steemit. Good luck

Welcome @bgcee.... I'm also a newbie and just finding my way around the site at the moment. I admire your reason for joining and wish you all the best in raising awareness about the chemtrails... I lived in LA for 3 months when I was 20, worked there for a summer in Paramount's Great America! and lived near Torrance, great memories of a great city! Peace out.

Hello and welcome to the community. I followed you and would appreciate a follow back. I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun. Welcome!

Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow @dashdaniel

Hi, barry, thank you for sharing your concern. You can place a link where you can see your videos or make a post to see them. Kelvin

Hello And Welcome To Steemit!

It is a platform like none other. You can get to know people from all over the world. If you continue to post great informative content you will grow a following in no time!

Start following some authors that post good content and upvote them as well. Follow Me! Make some friends and you will be well on your way to earning some nice curation rewards and growing your following.

Best Of Luck!

Welcome bgcee on steemit comunity..i will look forward to work with you in near future

Welcome Barry , feel home . Steemit is an interesting place for lots of interesting things . Lets connect ,engage and help each other.

Welcome to steemit! Would love to see future posts with more on the chemtrail issue!

Hi Barry Chait...Welcome to steemit...happy steeming:)

Hi Bgcee, Welcome to Steem. I’m already following you.
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Welcome on steemit and enjoy...follow me if you want!

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welcome to steemit :D

Welcome to steemit Barry! Hope you could follow, upvote, and support me.

Welcome @bgcee.
Glad to have you around.
Awesome intro by the way!
Looking forward to your posts!

Welcome I loved your introduction ... I've already followed you, visit my blog!

helo... welcome to steemit, i enjoyed your post...follow/join me lets do something unique here

Welcome to steemit i hope to hear more from you

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Welcome to Steemit Barry !!

hi Berry

You are welcome @bgcee. This is a community where we share knowledge and ideas. Follow me @papaessel as we share knowledge and ideas together. Hoping to see some of your videos. Together we grow steemit!

saludos y bievenido a esta gran familia!!

Welcome to join the platform steemit

I live in LA and know what you mean about the chemtrails.

Welcome to Steemit!

welcome to steemit community hope you will enjoy it!

Looking for more articles and posts about the chemtrails Barry! I'm new here as well and just made my first post. Perhaps you'll check it out if you have time? Followed and upvoted Cheers! :)