Introduceyourself: bgg1998, posts about boardgames !

4년 전

Hi Steemit,
Not a lot to write about myself, but:

  • I am a huge board games geek
  • I have few hundres boardgames
  • I learn about 1000+ new boardgames every year, very excited about this hobby.
  • I will be posting mostly about boardgames (and cardgames)
  • I will also be posting a bit about video games and programming
  • Other interests: geek stuff, relationships, LGBTQ stuff, etc.

As for reviews/talks about boardgames/video games/etc, those are just opinions!

  • Take them with a grain of salt
  • Check for yourself (at least as I gain your trust and every once in a while)
  • Opinions are subject to change

Show that you care:

  • Let me know if I made a mistake (See "Opinions are subject to change" above)
  • Comment if you have anything else to add
  • Comment if you want to suggest me to review/talk about a different game

Tags I will be using: 'boardgames' and 'gaming' for boardgames and card games, 'kickstarter' for kickstarter, 'videogames'/'videogame' and 'gaming' for videogames

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#gaming is a popular tag. umm ... probably some others as well. you can use up to five tags per post and can edit any but the first one as that's where the blockchain categorizes it.

I didn't even know there were 1000 board games. LOL

I've played MtG since beta but don't as much as I used to these days.



thanks, adding gaming tag to the list!

Hey @bgg1998! It's nice to see you here!

Welcome to Steem, @bgg1998!

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