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Hello steemian

Am Asante Kodua Samuel, known as @bigssam on steemit.I am a teacher in a basic school at Nsuta in the Southern part of Ghana.I have been in the teaching field for 4 years and advocating for Childrens rights and support has been my priority.

Kofi Anna from Ghana equipped:
"There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children.There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected ,that their welfare is protected,thatbl their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace"

Each and everyone around the world is supporting childrens rights and as a teacher l taught of joining the moving train.
Childrens are our future,leaving them in an uncomfortable situation can always jeopardize their lifes.In Africa children are always neglected and maltreated. All what they need is a voice to speak for them so that there can be smile on their faces.

Sharing the dreams for supporting children rights with my friends,@odsam2 introduced me to #steemit that it platform where my aspirations will gain bigger recogination from other great steemians all over the world.

I love to read ,write and also like watching series.
Joining steemit is so amazing that l will get the chance to meet different peoples with different ideas and also learn new things.

I hope to connect with different peoples and also share steemit with other friends.

Helping a child you lift up a nation

This is my introductory post

Thank you for visiting..

This is @bigssam from #ghana

Your upvote, comment, and reblogg is invited.

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Hey very cool man! I wish you success on #steemit and your journey in #life!

Welcome to your online home @bigssam Its good to see more African bloggers joining and I wish you all success here. I've left out the welcome mat for you so you'll feel right at home! :)



I am glad to be welcome by the citizens of steemit

Welcome home and wish you a wonderful stay


Thanks @odsam2 for introducing me to #steemit

Great! Thanks for posting!!!


Thanks for your words of encouragement


Welcome to steemit :)


Am glad to be welcome

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