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Hey steemers,

I'm a New York City kid growing up in Brooklyn.
I love to surf with my family and explore nature.DSC_0123.JPG
A few summers ago my family and I found the art of surfing and we have been doing it since then.
everybody surfs except for my mom who takes the best photos.
During the weekends I grab my moms camera and I go out into the wild and take photos of the wildlife.
My brother, sister and I sometimes go for walks and take pictures of the buildings and graffiti.

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What a great shot of you in the barrel! Can't wait to see more posts. Welcome to steemit!



Wow you take really nice photos! Welcome to steemit, can't wait to see more of your posts!

I forgot to mention nice barrel, looks like you got some "green room" there !

Ahoy Captain Quint ! I wish you fair winds & following seas ahead !!!


Thanks! Your account is cool.

welcome to steemit @captainquint, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊


Welcome. I’m a fellow surfer. It’s great that your family surfs together. I’m the only one in my family who surfs. It would be so cool to do it as a family.


Cool! I'm gonna post some surfing photos tomorrow. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

@captainquint, welcome to Steemit. You have joined a great community.

My advice:

  1. Keep meeting people, especially in the comments section.
  2. Strive to write great content.

Keep moving forward,

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Thanks for the tips and making me feel welcome!

Welcome to steemit! I love your pictures! Upvoted & following. :)


Thanks I followed you too!

Hey dude! Pretty awesome pictures. I hope you post more , i'm following you right now. Happy new year , follow me too . I post about music mostly so if you wanna learn guitar , i'm your guy. Also , welcome to Steemit!


Cool! haven't been able to post on steemit. Thanks, for resteeming and I'll follow you back.

welcome to steemit..!!
Followed :)