Re-Introducing Myself

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Hello, Steemit!

I'm Cecilia, a film student and newly converted beach baby. Just call me Sea-cilia! Okay, that pun was pretty bad, so my apologies for that.

IMG_3789 2.jpg
Me (left) and another model, Alyson (right) in a Pressbox catalogue

Some of you may remember my posts from this summer, when I first delved into the combined worlds of blogging and cryptocurrency. I took a break to focus on my studies when I started classes at my new university, and wow, how things have changed by now!

First of all, I deeeeeeeply regret cashing out my Bitcoin at the end of July… but I was moving and needed cash. I’m taking an L on that one, but hopefully I can get some more before long.

Second, I am a film student now, so be prepared to see some of the pieces I produce or act in, in addition to pictures from photoshoots.


Snapshot from a theme park commercial this fall

Next, I have a different cast of characters in my life now. I’m still friends with my Charlotte girls, though we see each other less often. I’m not dating the guy from my camping stories anymore, but I’ve made new friends and found great colleagues to work with.

Finally, I’m finding new opportunities here. There’s so much to learn, so much to do, and so much to share with you. Keep up with me for more stories, media, and adventures!




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welcome to steemit, have a nice day


Thank you! Same to you :)

welcome to steemit! that beach picture at the bottom looks so beautiful. Looks like my side of Florida but it probably isn't.

Best of luck in the community, We can both follow and support each others content if you'd like. (:


Thanks, that's actually North Carolina! Which side of Florida are you on? Maybe it looks familiar because if you're on the Atlantic side, it's the same coast.
I appreciate the well-wishes, and I'll check out your posts!

Welcome to Steemit! :)


Thanks, I'm just trying to get back into it!

Hello :) Cecilia
Nice to meet you!
I hope i can make global friendship with you as Mutual followers
I just upvote and follow you :)
my introduceyourself
it's my first travelling post ^^


Thanks, I'll take a look!

Cecila, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I would love a big lollipop and I'm Oregon and started making movies when I was ten and I made some bad cryptocurrencies trades in 2017 and I know it can be hard. I bought Bitcoin for the first time in 2017 and I was a bit not too sure what to do either. Oh, I like your pun, sea-shell-ya.


Ayyyeee Oatmeal Joey! That has a nice ring to it, and I bet there's a good story to go with it. Do you still make movies? And yeah, the crypto market has been crazy this year, but I'm hoping that once I get back into it, we'll see some more action.


GIrl, yeah, I make videos, or movies, sometimes, when I can. Haha, yeah, I'm the Original Oatmeal because I eat oatmeal and you are what you eat. Yeah, and Bitcoin will probably be over $50,000 USD before 2019. Yeah, crazy things are happening, globally. Take care and have lots of fun for me. I kind of wish I was younger. i am getting old.


Aw, you're never too old to have fun!

Welcome back! 2018 is going to be another good year for Steemit; even better than last year I think.

I've seen some of your short films and thought they were very well done. I look forward to seeing some of your work here, along with various tales of your adventures!


Thanks! I'm looking forward to 2018 on Steemit too, especially since all the press about Bitcoin has more people looking into crypto.

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Hello welcome to steem.. @ceciliakeirstead

Hello cecilia nice meeting you.


Hello, nice meeting you too!

Hi cecelia, new chapter in 2018..hopefully you will achieve you goal this year..nice to know you in steemit.cheers.👏👏👏anyway my name chanel @chanelcalestus, from other place around the world.Lolz.😊


Thank you! Yes, definitely a new chapter, even though clearly, I'm having trouble keeping up!

Welcome to steemit we will be sure that you will enjoy the excitement steemit will bring in your life as you openly express your thoughts, ideas and experiences in life. To have more friends and earn and learn at the same time.


Thanks, that's what I'm hoping for.

I guess that means we might see you on dtube soon? There are so many talented creators here and we'd love to see more Steemit exclusive content :)


Maybe? I don't know much about dtube, but I'll look into it because I do have stuff I want to create and projects I've already completed that I want to share.


This is a recent update from the team at dtube if you are interested in finding out more. Note that they do take a percentage of the payout from your posts, but it is growing in popularity and like steemit it has built up its audience numbers too:


Thanks for showing me this!

Where are you going to film school? I am using my Veteran's benefits at Full Sail online studying Digital Cinematography. Also mess around with acting, But, I like being behind the camera better.


I'm at UNC Wilmington. I'm learning some about production, but I prefer the above-the-line stuff. Also, I have to appreciate a good cinematographer! I feel like I'm always seeing things better in real life than through my camera, but there are some people I work with who capture images that are so beautiful, they're unreal. Do you get the chance to create many projects at Full Sail?


Yes. Full Sail uses project based training. You can check out a trailer for a film I made called The App on my blog. I also have a lot of work on my website, (link on my profile).

Also, I just uploaded a DIY project for making a professional slide that rivals a lot of what you will find in the $500-$600 range. Mine cost about $120.

Used to hang out in Wilimington a lot when I was a young Marine at Camp LeJeune. Wrightsville Beach is awesome too. But, my main hangout was a place called Front Street News. Is it still there? It was a news stand in the daytime. And they had live music on weekends. Cool place!

U welcome to steemit. Kind of looking forward to seeing your posts..
Followed you hoping you follow back


Thank you! I feel very welcome, and I checked out your blog and followed it!