Hello Steemians! i'm new, i hope you find my posts useful!! check them out!

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Hello I’m Carlos; a hard-working Venezuelan guy that really loves technology, broadcasting and writing! Follow me and don’t miss out the most innovative advances in technology and the apps/programs you should install on your PC or Android, and stories of my own that I’ll share with you guys!

Let’s begin!!!

The first app I’ll tell you about; it’s named TeamViewer

You must be asking: what is that? What is it for? Well I’m here to clear all your doubts!

TeamViewer It’s an app where you can manage your PC remotely with your phone! Like when you need something that is in your computer (a file, a document, etc) and you are away from it, you just grab your phone and send the things you need to your email (or wherever you want to send it to). Cool, right?

You can control your PC’ programs and it also can work as a parental-control since you can see what your kids are doing in your computer!

Get this app, you won't regret!!

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I wish you all the best.

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi, this way we can support each other.


Thank you friend! i followed you! :)

Esto es muy útil, sobre todo para personas como yo, que siempre olvido llevarme los archivos o trabajos en el pendrive. ¿Cuántas veces he tenido que volver rápidamente a encender la pc para copiar algo? Jajaja. Me gusta el estilo y la temática de tus post, Carlos. Sigue explicando así, claro, sin muchas vueltas para quienes nos cuesta entender un poco más estos temas de apps/tecnología. Bienvenido! Te sigo, amigo :)


Jajajaja me alegra que te haya gustado y te haya sido útil! cualquier cosa puedes preguntarme o si quieres alguna recomendación de una app :)

Welcome! Follow us for daily resteem!

😊welcome!follow me, good


Thank you, i will

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