My first post on steemit. thanks to #project20millionnaija

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Hello am new here and My name is CHIROMAKHAN..I am the last handsome boy of my family from Niger State,Nigeria

I love food and my favourite is rice and beans with stew,i love watching football,meet new friends,and lots more.


I am a graduate of one of the famous and unique university in Nigeria i.e (IBB UNIVERSITY in niger state) of which am presently serving now in KADUNA STATE,NIGERIA.

So also one thing i would love to become is an Actor like in one of the most recognize film industry in the world(AMERICAN FILM INDUSTRY)..

my hubby

I like watching movies most especially American films.


How i got to know about steemit

Through my friend @michaelcj ,we happens to serve together in the same ministry,he is someone who is open minded and easy going so that i was sitting with a friend doing whtasapp so he now came greet and asked me if am aware of steemit and i said no,and from there i ask him to open an account for me.

My niche

Am gonna be posting comedy skits,films and pictures of which i strongly believe all of you will like it..

my likes

I like making friends,i like beautiful ladies,i like partyies on friday,I LIKE GIRLS WITH BIG BUTTY.

My dislikes

I hate it when someone tells me lie,i hate it when someone look down on me..

My Relationship

I dont have base cos i run from one girl to is a free world if u so wish to be like me then d door is open for that i drive a lot of joy doing it..

I am highly impress to be part of this platform and so expect the best of (CHIROMAKHAN) LOVE YOU ALL




I hope you enjoy yourself while reading,if you have any contribution kindly comment,follow and dont forget to upvote my post...THANK YOU

Thanks to @stach #project20milliojNaija.

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Welcome on board @chiromakhan


Thanks main

welcome to steemit :)


Thanks for the love@tastetwist

What's up welcome to steemit.

Welcome onboard mate, i am are looking forward to see more of you... Keep steeming.



You're duly welcome bro.. We hope you have a great experience on here


hehehehe, mehn you are so fast oohh. nice to meet you online. don't fprget to spread the steem gospel


Nice to meet u too,And i promise i wont forget@Cj

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Well hello there!


Thank u@hiyo

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You've written a very good introduction post, @chiromakhan! The pictures really made it great. It looks like you guys were having a fantastic day at the Steemup event.
One thing you should know : your hobby is the thing you love to do, and if you have many interests, you might have many hobbies. Your "Hubby" is the slang word for the man you are married to, which by the details of your article I know is not what you meant to say. (Check your sub-headings to make more sense of this.)
Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more from you.


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I think we are a part of something truly special here, and I welcome you! Another early adopter to this amazing technology.



Welcome to Steem. Good luck.




You're very much welcome.

Welcome to Steemit. This is a wonderful platform and I am sure there is a place for you. Do read the FAQs, join communities and make friends.


ja stimmt



Welcome to steemit @chiromakhan

Have fun here and share valuable contents with us.

We hope you have a pleasant time.

Welcome again to the best social media in the world.




Thank u so much for your concern@dante31