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hola! steemians, I am Choody and i love poetry. Got a lil cracked up and bam! i got writting. Been awhile here though but i really just got here and i feel awesome. i saw a fire and decided to write about it.....i hope y'all like it.

                     FIRE, THE COLOR OF PAIN

its no wonder it will judge man at the very end without hope
the glowing yellowy and red embers
though pretty and pretty to the eyes
with the darker shades at the tip ends to the treacherous union of colors, nature has created
the roar, deafening and aggressive
calling out on the very conscience of man
a constant reminder to stay scheming
the screams of its victims
intensifying in its anger variably at the different parts of its members
qthe faer that broods, for the life of its victims and terrifyingly and inevitably prospective ones
the aura sends you to an instant state of deep thoughts
put a finger on a candle light
this! is the color of pain.

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Welcome, Choody! Glad you joined Steemit community :) Best of luck in poetry!

I am into motivation, psychology and healthy lifestyle, in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed