Contest Kings Launch Party! Including 100 SBI Giveaway & Gold Steem Monster Cards

3년 전

Contest Kings is a project that promotes high quality giveaways on the steem blockchain that contain a "No Follow, No Re-Steem, and No Upvote required" eligibility criteria for participants.

This page is a partnership between three members of the community including @o07 from Australia and @dkid14 & @shoemanchu from the United States.

As part of eligibility authors will also need to have a guaranteed prize on offer for the winner. Example of things that fall into this category could be but not limited to: Liquid Steem, SBD, Steem Power Delegation, SBI Shares, Steem Monster cards, Physical Gifts.

Things that will not be accepted: Free Resteem, Post Promotion, and Percentage of post payout.

We want the "White List" to be full of different communities including: Steem Monsters, Cooking, Photography, Art or Drawing, Sports, Comedy, Music, Gaming.

It's real simple, join our  Discord server by clicking here and tag @o07 in the general chat for access. Then each time you do a contest post with the eligible criteria drop it in the dedicated room for us to review. This will then be added to @contestkings daily post on the following day for the community to see and track.

  • 1st Place: 50 SBI
  • 2nd Place: 35 SBI
  • 3rd Place: 15 SBI
  • 4th Place: 1 Gold Haunted Spider
  • 5th Place: 1 Regular Legendary Chromatic Dragon
  • 6th Place: 1 Gold Common Crustacean King
  • 7th Place: 1 Gold Common Fire Beetle
  • 8th Place: 1 SBI + 1 Regular Epic Fire Demon
  • 9th Place: 1 SBI + 1 Regular Epic Serpent of the Flame
  • 10th Place: 1 SBI + 1 Regular Rare Medusa

*All cards listed are alpha generation.

Comment with a single GIF image below containing the theme "Victory" it's that simple.

Contest Kings owners will decide their favourites and send prizes after author payout

Pop over to our Discord or add a comment below and we will get back to you.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is SOOOO exciting!!! Huge congrats to @o07, @shoemanchu, and @dkid14 on your big launch today! I am such a huge fan of what you guys are doing.

I know this isn’t the most original gif entry - but hey, hot girls in bikini’s make everyone smile, right? 😎


Thank you and yes we all love hot girls in bikinis... Lol
So excited for all of us in our community 🚀

  ·  3년 전


You can never go wrong with bikinis!

Nice work with getting this going

This is for you @o07


Bradberry.... He he he...


Wasn't it like our first ever winter Olympic gold? What a victory!


I'm pretty certain. A few years later my wife sold him undies at target. 😉

Oh this sounds great!!

Oh what a great idea you guys!!! Congrats on your launch!! LOVE the gold theme!!! You guys are awesome.

This is totally how otters do a victory dance:

I don't know if it's victorious enough, but it's cute, right? Yeah now I want a pet otter.


Awesome! I had just posted a pic of Falkor yesterday, somewhere else.


Dude. @carrieallen wins. Hands down.



Wooo this sounds like such a good way to promote great giveaways! Thanks for this!

Awesome initiative! Looking forward to more of your future contests!


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Great initiative guys!

Giphy is having issues and isn't finishing making my meme, but maybe you can just picture "WINNING!!!" at the top. :)

Congratulations Contest Kings this is a huge success for the beginning of a new community from all realms of interest.

I will be joining the white list with something special in the pipeline stay tuned everyone!

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Hey @o07 @dkid14 and @shoemanchu thanks for all you are doing for the steem blockchain.Let's get this party started.My entry for the victory gif contest :)

No Follow, No Re-Steem, and No Upvote



Haha I like it

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Great initiative.. i hope i could win some contests

Me not winning a prize:


Ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!!


Contest Kings know how to throw a party!

Cogratulations on the launch @contestkings. I hope the project is a huge success. 😊

Here's my victory giff.

We want the "White List" to be full of different communities including: Steem Monsters, Cooking, Photography, Art or Drawing, Sports, Comedy, Music, Gaming.

What about the fiction writing communities? :)

I love this idea, have followed and look forward to seeing all the contests!! :D Have been waiting for something like this to pop up.

  ·  3년 전

We definitely want the writing community, if you know anyone please refer them to the discord.


Ha ha ha!!! This is awesome.

Love all the gold icons!


Great project, I really suck at doing giveaways, so this might motivate me to try some giveaways once again...

Is that Victory I smell-  GIF.gif

Thanks for the awesome giveaway !

Would @thedailysneak posts count for this? It's not explicitly a contest as published, but gives away up to 5 SBD and 5 SBI almost every day.

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  ·  3년 전

As long as they meet the 3 key criteria they are definitely welcome to join!


Will be a few weeks but we're going to mix up the format a little and make it more explicitly contest-like!


I just played this game a few days ago! It was such a throwback.


Showing my age a bit but I remember (and played) the actual stand up machine back in the day.

Congratulations @o07, @dkid14, and @shoemanchu. This post has been greatly anticipated! I'll come back with a GIF later to enter the Launch Party  contest, but for now I just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful post and for the contest, and your whitelist. Also, it should be mentioned that the #ContestKings are the best #SteemMonsters Guild around!

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   • Contest Kings Guild!   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

Okay, here's my entry for this contest.

  ·  3년 전

Good point we are going to be the best guild, and have you as our resident artist!


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Not a GiF creator myself but I just wanted express moonit.png.

May the new era of contests begin!


If you're not a gif creator, you can always check out Giphy

  ·  3년 전

It's the home of custom images I think!

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for the support @enjar and your generous delegation!

giphy (3).gif

I plan to do a post on Monday with a poll and a 3 SBI-share giveaway, random for three of the poll's participants. That should meet the criteria I presume :)

btw: I hate GIFs, especially the fast ones are migraine inducing ;)


That would work!

Here is my victory gif

Great initiative!




Sergio Ramos dropping the Copa Del Rey from the open top victory parade and it being run over. FAIL


Welcome to Steem @contestkings.

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All the Best!!!

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My contests fit all criteria but one the upvote as I give a prize plus the post payout as I really want them to have more than I can give so I guess no free money for me ..oh well

Welcome contestkings!
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👸 This is fabulous for the platform and Steemit community , im sure @contestkings will be quite successful . well done @o07 , @dkid14 and @shoemanchu ! I may get a contest going soon as I used to do them all the time actually . I will have to check out your server again , I had a hard time getting to you before on my chromebook to discord , but will try again! Best of luck on a successful launch , upped followed , and resteemed by the Resteem Queen!👍✌💕👸

I'm just here to be succesful! This kid knows what i'm talking about, don't you?


Those are some amazing prizes.

Kevin Sheedy Jacket Wave Rd16 1993

make funny GIFs like this at MakeaGif

@o07 and @dkid14 ? @dosdudes? This has to be good. 😎

The Angel of Independence in Mexico City, topped by Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory.

I wish @mariannewest will see this.

the freewritehouse is doing a contest everywhere week and am sure we are going to win up to 50 SBI.

The little people
with big feet
and big hearts
the opening of