'Smoke' A Film Noir by C Lazarus


I created this short film for college a few years ago. Never got round to officially finishing it, however too much hard work went into it and it would be a shame to not share it.

It wasn't a particularly serious project, however, me and my partner Nicky, who plays Smoke Rivers wanted to explore Cinematography and see what we could achieve. The entire film was made by the two of us, we act in it, we filmed it all by ourselves with little to no help.

I hope you enjoy it. This is my first post on Dtube, I have used steemit for over a year now and love the platform. Hoping for the same response to my blog on here,

P.S - Youtube has screwed me over many times so it is time for a loyalty switch :)

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interesting. you should do some more of film


Hello again :) Film is my profession, photography is a hobby. The first time I tried to use Dtube it wouldn't work so I gave up. A recent btc to bch wallet error has encouraged me to try again haha! Also, youtube has been unkind to me on many occasions, and over the years I've earned a whopping $40 from Google, which I can't even touch because it doesn't hit the minimum withdrawal limit...


hopefully, this upcoming hardfork makes the platform smoother.

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You are welcome to steem

Wow I think this is an awesome film! you and your partner were very skilled in here, I really enjoyed it and liked the story! Good job!

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Apologies for the tag 'introduceyourself'. I was trying to introduce myself to Dtube and didn't realise it posted on steemit aswell. Tried changing it but it won't let me.

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