Steemit Kick-off

4년 전

One of my friends who just recently posted his introduceyourself article has been egging me non-stop to convince me to post my own.

Finally, after a week of FB messenger hyper-drive, I have come up with my own introduce myself article that should keep my friend off of my hair (figuratively speaking since I always shave my head) for a week or two, or until he finds something new to get us up on our feet. The longer the better.

To formally kick it off…here’s my introduceyourself.

Hi Steemians...

Hi fellow Steemians - that's more like it, let me start by saying how happy I am to be part of this very diverse community partly hidden in our world wide web. Although a member since June this year, I have never posted anything. I find it really difficult to find time to post or even comment on an article while juggling between my job and helping out my wife take care of 3 kids.

Yes, I have 3 kids, 3 boys to be exact, ages 7, 2 and 9 months, and each one different from the other.

So where were we? Oh yeah…so I have never posted anything since I joined in June and I just barely squeezed this in while everybody’s catching some Z’s.

Hopefully I can find some more time to share some of my stories which I hope you’ll all like. I’m into the usual guy stuff. You know, cars and sports and all the things that they go well with.

I also like cooking, which is always better when accompanied by the finest cerveza "my money" can buy (usually cheap and cost around 50 us cents per 300 ml bottle). Like most of the food I cook, I am most part Filipino with a sprinkle of Spanish (Gramps) and a touch of Chinese (Granny is half-Chinese), a concoction of mixed cultures, a heritage that I am really proud of.

I am hoping to meet a lot of great people whom I can share stories with. Looking at the stories and articles I have read, I can tell that things are gonna be interesting.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ll go ahead and catch some Z’s myself. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Welcome to Steemit from Indonesia, this is an amazing platform for creativity and imagination. Share, comment and make friends


Thanks!!! I'll try and get my creative juices flowing!!!

Oh hey, @crimsonreign!!! didn't notice you have your introduceyourself put up. Good on yah mate!!! Welcome to Steemit brother.

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Thanks @steemitboard!!! how do I get more???