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Well, Hello!
I am a high school student from Taiwan studying computer science and I hope to work in a field related to blockchain / ledger technologies. Currently I am reading "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to better understand how transactions, mining, and consensus work; beyond just "miners secure the network".

What led me to crypto?
My interest in Bitcoin began about a year and a half ago when somebody in a Discord gaming channel told me to click (their referral link) to a faucet for free Bitcoin. Obviously, the faucet wouldn't let me cash out my newly earned 500 sats. At that point, I began looking up what Bitcoin was, which led me to various sites that convinced me that Bitcoin was the real deal, the real undervalued tech. And then I discovered NiceHash, which I did some overnight mining on for a couple weeks. So now I have my own Bitcoin that I mined myself, but what do I do with it? A quick Google search and various options came up: buy Steam games, invest in cloud mining, donate to The Tor Project, or BUY ALTCOINS. Ever since that, I've been trading alts and I've been spending the profits on Steam games. (At this point I realize I should've HODL'd instead)

Now my primary interest is in blockchain technology itself, beyond my originally materialistic interest in Bitcoin purely for its monetary value.

So well hello Steem, I'm glad to be part of this community. I'm still a newcomer in the blockchain world so I'm looking forward to learning from the more experienced members here


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