Me and civil engineering is now on Steemit!:3

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HELLO  STEEMIT ! My name is Daria and I am a student living in Saint Petersburg.


I am the student of   «Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering» ? I`m going to be a  civil engineer . I like drowing and I`m interested in differet kinds of art.


About me and my life:

I`m 18 years old and I`m from Russia. I finished school 2 months ago an I`m going to be an engineer. My life is very interesting because of my family, they do everything for me. We travell a lot, visit different cities and countries, talk with interesting people and learn something new everytime and everywhere. 


This photo was taken by me several days ago in Spb, here you can see Hermitage favourite converse!

My interests: 

First of all, I am interested in photography, arts, travellig and music. I have traveled to several countries several times: Italy,  Georgia,  Turkey, Spain, etc. In my future I would like to visit USA,  United Kingdom, China, Japan and other countries, especially in Europe. Secondly, I`m fond of maths, history of my country, learning  foreign languages and  physical activity. My dream is to become a great engineer with unusual ideas, I would like to work in foreign countries with different people.


This photo was taken by me too. In this photo I tried to show all the beauty of  Savior on Spilled Blood.


Finally, you can see one picture with whale which was drawn by me just several minutes ago. 

Thanks for watching! Hope to become a whale once upon a time! @dararzhv 

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Great to have another engineer on board!


It is reaaly perfect!

Welcome. I'm sure we'll see great things from you on the platform :)


I hope to meet your expectations!

Great to meet you! Looking forward to more content from you soon.


Hello, thanks, you comment is very pleasent for me!

Bring on the beauty and brains! Welcome to Steemit :)


Hello, thanks for your kindness !

Good drawing


Спасибо ! Очень приятно услышать это от Российского кита ) Я собираюсь вскоре опубликовать еще свои работы.


lol Hiiiiii

Welcome to steemit !

  ·  5년 전

Привет Дарья! Добро пожаловать на борт! Если не секрет как узнала про стимит?


Привет! Узнала про стимит от своего молодого человека и с его помощью смогла здесь разобраться.


Привет ребята, все равно у меня вопросов больше чем ответов)))

Welcome, I really like SPB, i was there almost one month ago and raced along the river during the white nights and bridge opening at 2am. It was great fun!


Hello. As for me , SPB is one of the most facinting and magical cities in the world. It is really worth visiting

Thanks for the post , and good luck!

Hi there :) Hope to see more of your art, the whale looks amazing :D


Oh, thanks , your compliment is very pleasant for me)

Привет )))


Привет! )

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy posting around here and have a good time! Thanks!

Welcome to steemit :)



Thank you!

Welcome. Hopefully you will get a whale vote.


Thanks for your kindness !


Hi Daria, glad to have you on steemit. :)

Good to see U... :-p

I am a beginner here and it is good to have a fellow civil engineer here at steemit :).