I'm Dashie. I teach lucid dreaming, got married in a grocery store, and live in a van with my spouse.

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I'm Dashie, 26 years old (27 in a few weeks). I'm from Chicago, IL and lived there my whole life until I got married in a grocery store (more on that later), moved into a van with my new spouse @Glowmo, and started traveling the US.


Lucid Dreaming

My number one passion in life is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when a person is asleep and dreaming, but they KNOW that they are dreaming WHILE they are dreaming (can you say dreaming one more time?). Because they're aware that the dream is just a simulation in their head, they can influence the content of their dreams and do whatever they want.

How I began lucid dreaming

I learned to lucid dream when I was 19. I had recently gone paleo. The paleo diet is really strict. You basically can't eat anything fun.

I started having non-lucid dreams about all the foods I was craving; pizza, brownies, mac and cheese. In the dreams I would take a tiny bite of something on my naughty-list. And it would taste SO good. But I would remind myself that I was on a diet and shouldn't eat anymore. Then I would wake up and think, "It wasn't real, it was just a dream! I could have kept eating!"

I realized that if I learned to know when I was dreaming, I could use my dreams to eat whatever I wanted. So I took on a bunch of lucid dream practices and after 5 months I went from having no lucid dreams to 3 every night. I spent my nights satisfying myself with junk food and spent my days eating healthy. To this day I still eat a very strict lifestyle diet. Without lucid dreaming I probably would have given up on eating healthy.

But of course theres so much more you can do with lucid dreaming, that's just my story of how I began.


Today, I teach lucid dreaming and am working on two projects related to lucid dreaming. I'm especially excited about one of these projects. I've been working on it for over 5 years. I'll probably post about those projects on here eventually.

I love training and inspiring people to lucid dream. It thrills me when my students do amazing things with lucid dreaming I could never have thought of.

Getting Married in a Grocery Store

In 2016 my spouse and I both got down on one knee (two knees?) and proposed to each other on a pier with matching engagement rings made out of crushed opals and a drop of each others blood (ew!). We spent the rest of the day re-proposing to each other all over the city in some precarious places.

We decided to get married in a grocery store (Jewel Osco) in the aisle that we picnicked in after one of our first dates. It was the same grocery store that we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, and did some drop shopping pranks.

We didn't want the grocery store to find out our plan to use them as a venue for fear that they wouldn't be into the idea and keep us out. And we didn't want our older traditional relatives to insist we have our wedding at a hotel ballroom.

So we invited 90 people to the ceremony but didn't tell ANYONE the venue of the wedding. Instead, we told them that on the day of the wedding they would receive a bunch of clues. And then finally two hours before we would tell them the location.


The grocery store, Jewel Osco, actually really liked it! The pharmacist was crying with joy and afterwards the manager said "mazal tov" over the loud speaker and even sent us a wedding gift. Our old relatives ended up liking it too.

Van Life

A month after we wed, we moved into our Rialta Winnebego, a 22 ft RV that's too small to technically be an RV in Illinois. We spend the cold months traveling in the south, especially in Florida. And return to the north for summer.

It's been an adjustment. We spend as little as we can; living off free public lands or on city streets. We live off limited power from our solar panels. And we have to deal with dumping our own waste. Not to mention we are two people sharing 150 sq ft of space.

But we get to work on our passions instead of working to pay rent. We get to play. We get to spend more money on the things that matter to us. And cleaning the whole "house" takes 10 minutes.

That's enough about me for now. I can't wait to see what other people on steemit are doing.

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Hey Dashie! I loved reading about your very interesting life. I like to read about people living alternative lifestyles. I think Steemit will be a great way for you to make a little bit of money while on the road. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I would especially like to see one on your van setup. I lived in a 27 foot motorhome for a few months and it was pretty fun!


Thanks Austin! Thanks for reading. I will for sure do a post about the whole set up! I actually love the layout of the rialta for the size that it is, and ours was custom modified by the previous owner so it's really great and unique. Cool to meet a fellow (previous) full-timer!


I also just was living in my small one man, one dog van for a couple years but found a little spot in the mountains to root for a while. Anyway, I was trying to get into the reply thread to say I love living mobile @austinhopper @dashie right there with you. I'm a professional astrologer and I can see the aquarian in you Dashie, is it true? Uranus rocks!


Haha yes peaceful forest Jan 22 (but I did say my birthday was approaching). Nonetheless, I have been told I’m am an exemplary Aquarian! If you live mobile and are an astrologer you need to check out the cosmic campground in New Mexico. It’s free boondocking and a dark sky designated area. I did some night photography there

Nice introduction, very detailed welcome to steemit and congratulation for tying the knot with your husband best wishes to you.


Thanks Gilaine!


hi and welcome to steemit, I've dropped you an upvote and followed you. to help you out I have also resteemed your post.


Thank you! I very much appreciate that!

I followed you because i hope to find some tips on how to actually control the dreams. I do have lucid dreams like one or two times a year but I would really appreciate learning more about it from a pro:D


Thanks hustle. I hope to help you get closer to being a pro as well :)

OMG, you're living a life. Gotta follow you. :D


Nice to see another digital nomad! Followed you back


Oh that's so cool, i really love lucid dreaming. I am no as good as you but time to time a have a lucid dream. One of the most exctiting things in life, because we can do whatever we are able to imagine :D looking forward to your great posts here!


I used to never have them so I really think anyone can learn. I teach (free for now while I hone my teaching skills) through one on one video chats. If you're interested, let me know! But I will definitely be sharing some info on here!

Welcome to Steemit!! You are going to love it here!!
Looking forward to your posts about lucid dreaming. I haven't seen anyone post about that yet on Steemit! ;)


Thank you acromott! I'm glad there are people interested on here.

Hi Dashie~ that's a cool life you lead! I've actually tried lucid dreaming to very little success and astral projecting even, but after I got stuck in a sleep paralysis-like state during one of my nights trying, I stopped! Maybe lucid dreaming would be the first step. Anyways, welcome to steemit!


Thanks gh0stfunk! The kinds of practices of lucid dreaming I do don't cause sleep paralysis. That being said, with a little practice you can turn sleep paralysis into a fun lucid dream. I even had one once where I couldn't move my dream body but I still had fun because I had cookies single-file-lining into my mouth.

Thank you for your wonderful intro. I like your pictures. You sound like someone I want to follow and hear more from... You mention lucid dreaming. I tried doing some lucid dreaming in high school. I'm not sure if I was actually lucid dreaming, or having a dream about lucid dreaming. It would always happen early in the morning. I would get out of bed, but realize that I was only standing up in a dream. I would float across the room, out the door (where the landscape and architecture looked different than usual) and then zip back to my body. Not sure if this counts as actual astral projection, or just dreaming about astral projection. But regardless, I had remnants of my conscious mind there when I floated across the room. This still happens these days when I know I have to get up, but can't because I feel tired. My mind gets up but my body stays asleep.


Hey Karl, If you knew you were dreaming then it was lucid dreaming. And it sounds like you knew. As far as astral projection- astral projection is a way of explaining an out of body experience (obe). Astral projecting is when your soul leaves your body and travels. No one knows if astral projecting is possible but we do know that it’s possible to have an obe. And it does sound like you had an obe. Was your obe an astral projection and did you actually leave your body? Who can say?

My son just talked to me about how he's starting lucid dreaming, I'll have to link him here / Peace


Yes please let him know! And if he’s interested I teach one-on-one over skype

Sounds like a really fun and exciting life! I would love to be able to lucid dream, ahhhhh... I look forward to more of your posts


Thanks! Anyone can learn to lucid dream, and I teach one-on-one (free for now while I perfect my teaching skills) if you’re interested


Yes I am interested would love to learn! Then I can visualise my life's goals every night!

It takes courage to live differently and authentically. Continue to be brave.

All the best :)


thanks auili! It took a lot of bravery on my part, which is why I had put it off for too long

Really interesting lifestyle...I would like to learn Lucid dreaming. Could you have a tutorial here in steemit? I am following you now.


Thanks so much joshvel. If people would benefit from a tutorial then that's what I'll do. thanks for the input

@dashie your the best,very detailed and sweet post that made me to use my silk top to wipe my little tears huhuhu...welcome to steemit and u just won me following you.i need to work on my dream and i believe u will be of great help to me .lets work together and steemit real big ....


Thanks kelgreen. Hope I can help you. I'm looking to post some more soon!

A properly fascinating intro. Thanks for the read.

Wow! Really great intro! It sounds like you live a fascinating life. I can't even imagine how cool it would be to be able to do what you love 24/7 and then be able to share it with the one you love. I will be very interested to see how your journey progresses. Upvoted and followed. Good luck!


Thank you Dagger212! I'm very lucky to be able to be in my situation. Glad you enjoyed reading

Hello and welcome. Awesome intro. Very interesting all around. I'm loving this steemit community, coming accross people from all different walks of life. I like your style.

@greenroom. 1


Thanks greenroom! you seem like an adventurous entrepreneur as well, followed you

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
Be sure to follow my account @zoewilliamson
Best of luck to you!


Thanks Zoe!

Interesting topic on lucid dreaming! Do you know any online lessons for it? I have few experiences on that, I didn't really know it was a thing and can be studied. I want to learn it too! :D


Right now I teach online one and one through video chat. If you're interested. It's free for now and you can check out my reviews here: https://simbi.com/dashiell-bark-huss/lucid-dreaming-training.


Great! Thank you so much @dashie! You're an angel! 😘

nice post

vote up my post

That is fabulous!!! Going to follow you and look forward to more posts... Have a good time on Steemit. Namaste.


Thanks paniopan! Glad you got something from my post. Namaste!


Welcome... : )

Really nice introduction.

I kinda want to get into lucid-dreaming too, any tips for a complete beginner?


Hey Venkin! I think I'll post some info for beginners soon. If you're interested I also do (FREE for now) one on one video chat training sessions. Hope that's ok to post about. I'm still kind of new to the etiquette on steemit.

your wedding photo is the best I have seen in a long time


Thanks ametrine!

You have the makings of a wonderful life! I am seriously impressed. Please continue to put up fantastic post as following your life adventures will surely be brilliant


Thanks Skytronia for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the post


Enjoyed it immensely!

Welcome to steemit !!
I hope you enjoy finding common issues with people and learning new things.
If you like art, you can follow my blog @celinalage.art and even give me upvote ...

Hello!! I'm sooo interested on what you do, the "lucid dream" thing. I wanna know how to do it intentionally, I hope i would get some tips from you.. Very fun introductory post by the way :")


Thanks Queenee! I will definitely be posting more on lucid dreaming. stay tuned!

Nice to find real people love you


Thanks psilocybit, I like your interests btw

Welcome to this awesome community, Dashie!
Keep in touch @ann-artyukh


Thanks Anna!

Hi Dashie, haha I the story of how you started out with lucid dreaming.
really looking forward to read more from you!


Thanks Maarsia! Glad you enjoyed the post

It sounds like you have a very interesting life! I'm looking forward to reading more about it! Good luck!


Thanks Skyler! glad you enjoyed the read.

Hi Dashie!! Such a beautiful introduction. I think you are a very exciting person! I didn´t know about the lucid dreaming, but I think I knew it as a child. But somehow I lost it. It must be amazing to know when you are dreaming and you can feel free to do anything you want- so great. Hope you will post more about this!!!!! Love


Thanks Yasmin! A lot of people can lucid dream as a child and lose the ability as they get older. But you can learn to do it again. Thanks for reading!


Great! Can you give me a tip what to do? Thanks!!


I'm going to post some more info. But if you don't want to wait, we can do a one on one training session by video chat for free. You can check out my reviews here: https://simbi.com/dashiell-bark-huss/lucid-dreaming-training


Thanks my dear! I follow you and wait for some more info. And maybe I will do a training session with you later. Have fun and thanks a lot :-***

thanks for sharing and welcome! congrats on your wedding. hoping the best for you two and your adventures!


Thanks Dan!

Hi there and welcome. You've got an interesting story. I wish all the best here on steemit and in life. Cheers :)


Thanks Francis!

Upvoted and followed! Let me know if you pass through the four corners 💗


Thanks Portia Jay. Probably not this year. Last year we did the West coast, This year we'll be doing the east coast. But possibly next year

Hi, Dashie!
I hope you enjoy finding common issues with people and learning new things. you can follow my blog @jangkeum and even give me upvote ..

HELLO .. please Upvote and Follow me , i will upvote u also and Follow.. Thanks .


You guys are a younger version of my husband and I.

(Me! Jealous!?)

Love your alternative view on getting married and day to day living - reckon you have your heads screwed on and have got your priorities straight.

I am an artist/writer/lightworker and had a spiritual epiphany about 16 months ago when the spirits made themselves known to me.

I now lucid dream - and get intuitive messages/flashes.

Happy days.


Upvoted/Followed I invite you to pop by mine if you have a spare moment and would love your thoughts on my recent post: https://steemit.com/spirituality/@ldacey-laforge/a-gem-of-wisdom-in-a-nutshell

I look forward to getting to virtually know you over the coming months and wish you well on your way.



Thanks Linda. Do you have a post about your spiritual epiphany? Sounds interesting

Welcome to Steemit, @dashie ! I'm really interested into lucid dreaming, so count me in as a new follower :) Looking forward tolearning a lot from you!


Thanks herverisson! Great! hope I can help you!

Hi Dashie!! What an awesome wedding photo! Getting married at a grocery store - AWESOME! I met my husband at a bowling center and we considered getting married on the lanes (we didn't but I seriously considered it :-) ) Look forward to learning more about lucid dreaming!!


Thanks Lynda! Thats funny! After my mom got some of the email clues on the day of the wedding, she was SURE we were having it a bowling alley. So she ran to the bakery and got a small cake made (we weren't planning on having cake originally) with bride and groom bowling pins. It was pretty fun when she had to explain to the guests why we had bowling pins on our cake after our grocery store wedding.

Really impressed the way you introduced yourself @dashie


thanks Shashank!

It's been cold down here lately!

I make music and talk about cool tech, I also like having lucid dreams. Feel free to f4f :)


Very cool! I didn't talk about it in here but I am also a programmer and somewhat into tech!

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I love this! So unique and fun. Thank you for sharing yourself and your life 🙏🙌


Thanks Fia!

This is amazing!!! You teach lucid dreaming!!! I love that! People think I am crazy when I talk about it, they think it's not possible and that I am telling lies, I learned to lucid dream when I was 14! or maybe 13! I t was a little difficut at first but I get used to it and now I am always have lucid dreams, always!!! No matter the time I go to bed, In fact sometimes I feel I am living two lifes! I am so curious! I want to know if the process that you teach is the same that I used to use to have those dreams...I will definitely follow you. I am amazed. My friends don't know anything about lucid dreams. They even look at me weird if I mention that I have a lucid dream.

Welcome.. I am new too... I am amazed!

N’oubliez pas de m’écrire!


Thanks Nakary! When people tell you it's not possible you can tell them that it was proven possible way back in 1975 by Keith Hearne. Since then it's been studied by scientist and is recognized as a real phenomenon. That's so awesome that you lucid dream every night!


I am so excited I am going to read about it. I am writting a book about dreams but I have never studied dreams and it is so cool that there are people teaching lucid dreaming. I would like to read a post about that in the future. If you want to talk a little more about it.

Wow. That's one interesting life. I just started learning about lucid dreaming and i've been practising, although as soon as I realise i'm dreaming I wake up. I'll look out for any tips you might be sharing! :-)


Thanks Yasmine! Hope I can help!

It was nice to read about you Dashie, you have an intersting life =]


Thanks Bobby!

This is such an exciting introduceyourself post!! Thank you very much for sharing your amazing passion and stories with us! Your life must be so much fun! :)
You totally got me at lucid dreaming as I actually practice it since a while and I alreadyy had some lucid dreams! The feeling is just INDESCRIBABLE! One time I walked through a forest playing with the light, switching from daytime to nighttime and back all the time and changed all the colours in the way I like it :D It was so much fun discovering nature where I can decide what grows, which colour the plants have and whether it's daytime or nighttime :D I walked over a bridge and imagined that at the end of the bridge there is night and on the bridge there is day and then I just hopped forward and backward and I was amused like a little kid by letting the sun bounce up and down :D
It's SOOOO cool you are a lucid dreaming teacher! And I really like the reason why you chose to do so :)
As a vegan I can totally understand you! :D

Your wedding location is so unique and the story behind it is so beautiful! I love how happy the pharmacist and the manager were for you! And that your families liked it, too! :)

Living in a van is one of my husbands and mine dream for a long time!! We actually plan to buy a VW T1 Hippie bus to travel the world in! :)

Welcome to Steemit dear @dashie! :) Upvote and follow as you are really an amazing person!! <3

Lots of fun and success in this wonderful community! Lots of light and love, yours Linda

P.S.: You are GORGEOUS!!


Thanks Linda! That sounds like an awesome lucid dream with complete control. Thanks AMAZING! And yes I can totally relate to the struggles vegans have! Followed you too, because you post about some things I'm interested in.


Thank you so much for your lovely reply! :)
And thanks a lot for following! :)
Have a wonderful day <3

Welcome to Steemit! So nice you decided to join :)
Share anything that you want to. Have fun Steeming.


Thanks allesia!

Hey Dashie! What a cool story you have! Fantastic choice in the Rialta I think it is such a perfect little RV. I really wanted one but my partner and I will instead of converting a school bus into a home before we begin our travels. Hope to be leaving within the next 5-6 months.

Maybe we'll see you out there on the road!? Look forward to reading your future content :)


The Rialta is great! Looking forward to your travels. followed you

I didn't know you could train anyone to have lucid dreams. That's crazy! I hope you find a good place for yourself here on Steemit :)


Yes, you can! Thanks Dave

Good luck with all and hope you take a second to follow back. Have a great 2018.

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you are amazing and welcome to steemit. Im excited for your journey here with us! You seem to be doing well, but i want to connect you with a group im a part of. I wanted to invite you to a group called the minnow support group. i hope you join our community!


Come find out :)

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dashie, welcome. just tipped you over into $100 ;) welcome to the platform you are gonna love it here. i do, i've been here over a year, went to steemfest 2 and am a passionate daily blogger. your story sounds awesome. can't wait to hear more.


Thanks teamhumble! Thank was very kind of you! I'm still learning about how the tipping works