hello people of steemit, I make beats.

3년 전

hello good people of steemit, I am dicepticon. I have been making beats for about 9+ years on and off for multiple MCs in the "nerdcore" genre across the inets.

One of the main people I work with @ytcracker introduced me to steemit. Over the next week or so I will be posting all of my music and new tunes to dsound.

@ytcracker recently posted a new tune we made to dsound
here is the instrumental ver

check out my tunes. enjoy. more to come..
link to my tunes and socials http://dicepticon.com

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good to see you here man. love the beats

Welcome to the Steem journey. No more fucking with advertisers and YouTube corporate fucks. Get money directly from the viewers.

@ytcracker is the shit.

Now we just need @greydonsquare to post more and collaborate. I could hook that up if y'all were interested


dice has been a major part of my music matrix for the last 9 years and weve collaborated on almost every hit ive had in that timeframe


whurd, im down to work w anyone.. thanks dood.