My first month on SteemIt

3년 전
Hey dear Steemians.

I've been on SteemIt for exactly 1 month and I am sure I'll be part of this community in the next months too.

I spent a lot of time on SteemIt in the beginning of my adventure but in the last week I had no time at all because mainly of university stuff.

My first SteemIt post:

Hey there fellas. I've been wondering if someone could explain me how steemit works. I'll be really thankful. Thanks and have a nice day :)

Sadly none replied but I managed to explain most of it to myself. A day after that I've uploaded my #introduceyourself post - $ 0.95. That felt like I've won from the lottery. After few days I decided to post movie news/reviews because I adore movies. Who doesn't?

Few of my friends also joined SteemIt after I invited them. They did not have success at all and I think they decided to leave it.

In the last 3 days I also started streaming Hearthstone and League of Legends on dlive - less than 5 viewers each time but I know, everything needs time. And I am patient.

And in the end, some statistic for my first month here:

-44.4 Reputation
-630 posts
-340+ followers
-18.900 STEEM (exchanged from SBD)
-7.371 STEEM POWER (up from 0.500)
-Estimated Account Value: $112.54
-@mahdiyari delegated 15 STEEM POWER to me (BIG THANKS!)

Special thanks for the support to: @charitybot, @princessmewmew, @zeptonus, @runicar. Let's hope I did not forget anyone. Hope to see you in the next months too!

Yours faithfully, Sveto.

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Hello welcome to steem 😎

:) Welcome :)

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Nice growth in 1 month :) Keep it up!

Im glad to see you have success paduwan! Just keep at it, get involved in lots of different communities, comment on and get to know other steemians, you’ll get there!

It takes months to do well (in my experience) but when you really put effort in, there are rewards to reap!

Congrats...Thats a big reputation you have..have a nice day..


If you think that's big you should see the size of his


Welcome and I'm glad you're enjoying it here. Just keep at it, I love it here and it has brought so much into my life.

Congratulation for all you have accomplished and best of luck.