Hello Steemians, I'm Dynamix - A bitcoin enthusiast, trader , writer and more ...

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My real name is Andrei and I'm a 19 year old Entrepreneur 

I've been online for around 2-3 Years  ( Making money, looking into bitcoin , trading writing... ) This has been a real journey for myself as it has improved much of what I though about " life " and other things which I want in my life and which I will have to work hard to achieve. 

Oh yeah and this is me :) 

My story has started in the big capital of UK , London , in a very nice warm day when a friends of mine told me that he has a business proposition for me. He would use my PayPal to sell stuff on eBay. I was like okay. After a few sales started rolling in I was like damn , this is really good money we should keep on doing that. Well after we got the account banned we've started looking into all different kinds of stuff we can make money out of.  Done some blackhat here and there and other white hat stuff like Internet Marketing  ( CPA ).

Less about the past , more about the future

So where do I see myself in 5-10 years? Well nobody can really answer that question as we don't have the power to predict the future yet. Despite that I believe if I carry onto this path which I am following ( creating own business , trading and more ) I should be able to have achieved what I want and that is Financial Freedom out of all stress, government and other entities. I would pretty much love to acquire "wealth " meaning to have as much free time as possible living the best life moments as possible.

Can Steemit Make that happen ?

I see really big potential on the long run for Steemit, can it make it happen ? Can it give a lot of people from 3rd world countries Financial Freedom which they deserve? I surely believe so. I've read a few posts on here from the beginning and seen the amount of lives that Steemit has changed. It's a real opportunity that I and many others should not miss. I'm going to try my best to post atleast 2-3 times per week real HQ content for you to enjoy reading.



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I've read a few posts on here from the beginning and seen the amount of lives that Steemit has changed. It's a real opportunity that I and many others should not miss.

Yes the list is getting longer and longer every day, we have been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes and countless other medias so far. We are growing in users for sure.

Good to have you onboard, here is a red hat for you:

Welcome to Steemit!


Thanks a lot @fyrstikken I do see that there is big potential with this on the longterm. Thanks for the warm welcome.

I remember you from many months ago, early on in steemit. What was your user name back then again?

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Hello Andrei, welcome to Steemit! :-)


Hello gtg, Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome aboard Andrei! Always good to see another fellow Bitcoin enthusiast signing up. Hope you will enjoy your time here! I share your goal of achieving financial freedom and not having to slave away my remaining years in service to some corporate master. I just wish I had started down that path as early in life as you have. Will be looking forward to reading your content and seeing how your journey goes!


Thanks, Bitcoin is just a technology that everyone will want and will use in the future. It's just a waiting game until the real mass adoption will come in. For sure, Financial freedom is something that each on this planet deserves to have if they work hard enough. You can't just be living the good path of life without leaving your mark on that pathway.


Agreed, it takes a lot of hard work to get there and the journey is long. Bitcoin probably still has some upside left in it, but how sweet it would have been to get in on the ground floor years ago! I hold some Bitcoin, but I also think it's worth looking at promising new technologies such as Ethereum which have enormous growth potential in the years to come.

Welcome @dynamix, the more time I spend here the more I think that the overall architecture of this platform is truly amazing. I think we are a part of something truly special here, and I welcome you! Another early adopter to this amazing technology.


I agree with that. Steemit is a very special place in this blockchain. Waiting for mass adoption to kick in.

Welcome @dynamix. Fantastic intro post, you will surely do well


Thanks @gringalicious . It could've been a lot better I just didn't have much time.

PayPal to sell stuff ... Banned

I know the feeling, paypal froze my account with $5000 in there. No reason.


Damn that sucks, Did you not get the money back after 6 months ? That's what happened to me.

Very welcome Andreij ! 🥀

Heeeey, man. Andrei as in from Steemit.chat earlier? Haha
Good to see you here on Steemit, @dynamix! Just followed you - I look forward to seeing the content that you produce!
See, I told you that I wasn't a dick. :)

Welcome..... to the new world. Cheers.



Welcome to Steemit. I know I'm biased ;) , but I assure you that you've landed in the right place. Steemit is growing; it got poleaxed because there was too much hype when it was new, but things are settling down and looking up. The platforms/altcoins that stick around after the manic-depressive cycle of hype followed by disillusionment followed by bitterness: it's those alts that go on to great things.


Thanks, I really believe so too. This is a great place where a lot of like minded people gather and up-vote high quality content. I've been on this platform for quiet a while and seen it improve to what it is today.

Welcome to a fellow Bitcoin enthusiast, Andrei!! I hope you will enjoy your time here on Steem! Look forward to your upcoming posts, mate!


Thanks :) I am already enjoying my time here, really warm welcome from a lot of faces.

Welcome to Steemit @dynamix


Thank you Dani :)

Welcome to steemit @dynamix

Welcome to the Steemit family Andrei !

Great story my friend! Welcome to Steemit! :)

Steem to the Moon !


Haha, I agree... after that milestone maybe we can go for other horizons ? :)

Welcome to steemit, Andrei / Dynamix!
Bitcoin trading and writing - I would say, this is the ideal platform for you :)
Enjoy the ride!


Thanks :) We will all enjoy this ride. Let's see how long it lasts for.


The blockchain is forever :)

Welcome to Steemit!

Good to see you join Andrei, I'm looking forward to reading all about your online ventures in upcoming posts!


For sure, I've just started my LTD company now waiting for it to get approved and I will start drop-shipping with these awesome suppliers I've found. Will be a nice journey towards success.


Awesome man! 'ka-ching' Sounds like a great story.

Welcome to the blockchain!!! :) :P

Welcome my bro, Im new on the platform too. Please follow back @gbonikz


Thanks and welcome for you too, I've followed you back looking forward to reading your content.


havent got the follow it but ok

Welcome here and enjoy @dynamix

Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy the ride as much as you can!


Thanks, I will enjoy the ride until it goes to 1 sats hehe Up , Down , Up down :)

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen


Thanks for the warm welcome. Andrei


You are very welcome. Good luck on Steemit. Stephen

Nice intro @dynamix. I'd say you have the drive to do big things through this platform. Welcome!

Welcome! Nice to have you!


Thanks, Its nice to be in this community at such an early stage.

Welcome to Steemit, Andrei!

Welcome! Another Londoner..mind that 40% that the taxman wants to take away from you.

Welcome to Steemit! :))

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Nice to meet you, i have just made my own introduction so we have good timings. We think alike just like 2 socks together


Which sock are you, left or right in the photo?


welcome back to steemit soldier

Welcome to steemit @dynamix! just express yourself and the things that you enjoy and you will do fine here. I into trading crypto, singer-songwriter musician, & I am a hypnotist. Following you now, look foward to seeing what you will create in the future!

Welcome! Thanks for the positive vibe and keep up that "can do" spirit. You are inspiring others in your age bracket and beyond to persevere in the face of tremendous oppression of individualism to rise above the rhetoric and asssert your own power to create and bring about alternatives to what "da man" says is the path to prosperity. Fuck that noise, go show 'em a better way.

Glad you discovered Steemit. No go on and thrive!

good dear!