Hello from Ghana! Africa

4년 전

Hello Steemit community,

I am Elisha from Accra, Ghana. I have been in the cryptospace for about 2 years now and I currently write on dashpaymagazine.com and I have written a few Steem articles (https://steemit.com/steem/@elishagh1/article-steemit-cryptocurrency-based-social-media-with-a-twist) .With all the amazing features Steem has I can see myself writing more as the platform develops.

I see Steem as a great opportunity for content creators worldwide but especially in Africa where digital ads are not a big deal and writers make very little till they become very big in their respective niche. I have contributed to outreach efforts of some open source(tech) projects in the capital city Accra, looking at the possibilities that Steem presents for creatives here, I would make it a point to spread the good news about Steem and hopefully create a small Steem community here too. It has taken me a while to introduce myself and I have not been here for sometime, I wouldn't mind suggestions on my project and resource materials that could guide me.

Thank you, long leave steem.

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hey Elisha,

have you checked out Bitland at all?

they're working on a blockchain-based land registry and community development project in Ghana, looks like it'd do the country some great good if they can pull off the vision...


I have, it is an amazing initiative. Land disputes contribute to lots of conflicts.

Welcome, I would be very interested to hear how steemit benefits people in developing countries!

Welcome to the community Elisha!!! : ) : )