Raise the Curtains -- Introducing Myself

4년 전

The red paint ..


Hola, my name is El Rojo . I'd like to use the very first post on my Steemit notebook, to, paint some things about myself .

I'm a very passionate person deep in my heart, and my eyes are capable of fighting an entire army of soldiers, but also to touch a lady in the most gentle way.. My body is not so athletic, yet i tend to rely more on my principles and skills to move the rocks out of my way. I like to talk, i like to enjoy and have humor in my mind; nevertheless, much of my enjoyment and peace i find it while in between four walls, and absolute silence..


Why am i here..? I want to share, give back to the people, after for so long i have only taken. I want to share with you, my readers, my personal experiences in relationships and behind the closed door: in the bedroom. Is it a bold step? Maybe . But this is not about courage or lacking it, but about giving a chance to others to transmute, to imagine, to live and reflect on how other people are living and experiencing skin, and emotions .


It can be messy? Yes it can . But may also be relieving knowing that your feelings are not so alone, the way you think, and feel and imagine, is not confined and limited to your sole experience. It is unique and similar in the same time for everyone. It's just tabu rather that we talk about things. I know it is here, where i am standing, breathing and living right now .

fingerprint-328992_640 - Copy.jpg

This will be my fingerprint here on this uncharted land, to compose and write about my deepest of thoughts, the delicate women that have been through my life, and results..

Hope you'll nervously enjoy,


portrait-1727386_640 - Copy.jpg

* All images are sourced from Pixabay.com

El Rojo .

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@elrojo, welcome to Steemit. I know you'll enjoy being here. I give you two keys you need in your steemit journey:

  1. Dedication, persistence and consistency.
  2. Don't quit. Keep moving on.
  3. Steemit cannot reset your password for you if you lose it, therefore have a backup for it. Make sure to save your master password and all steemit keys somewhere safe.

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Thank you.
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Thank you @evarich, much appreciated dear. :^

Welcome to the park. Hope you know how to play hehe. Looking forward for your experiences and relationship advice. Enjoy yourself and be welcome :) .


Mmm my play is subjective.. yet are you willing to dive in and see what it's like to be down here, in the dark with me ..


Hi el rojo, be welcome. Is interesting to see there are people like you out there. Hope we can all learn valuable lessons from you. :D


Everything is a lesson in disguise. Are we willing to see it? Hmm.. let us move along and see :)

Welcome to Steem, @elrojo!

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Hey @elrojo. Welcome to Steemit community!!


Thank you Mr. Free :)

Welcome to the steemit community @elrojo. It's a platform of diverse ideas and knowledge. I am very interested in what you have for us. Enjoy your stay here and gimme a follow back.


I deeply apologize for my delayed response dear Lexymaine. I hope you're enjoying the platform and hopefully as much of what i have to share.. :) . Thank you for the welcome introduction.

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Cuenta con mi apoyo, Saludos de parte de @ydavgonzalez.


Hola @ydavgonzalez! Estoi agradesido por tu apoyo. Espero que te va encantar lo que jo escribo. Salud