ALWAYS give it a TRY

4년 전
Hi everyone,

finally i found the time to translate my intoduction-Post. So im 18 years old and this blog is about:

  • photography
  • sport & nutrition
  • philosophy & psychology 
  • success & personality development
  • term deposits & finances

First of all: im neither a fitnessexpert, nor economist.

Im just a guy, who wants to share his experience, knowlegde and thoughts.

But never the less im independent of sport- and nutritionists, because i appropriated myself the essential knowlegde. 

The next step is to become financially free.

So let's do this together, to learn and benefit from each other.

If one of you guys, got the force to improve knowlegde, relationships and personality, the you might be right here!

I think this is going to make us happy and successfull in the long run.

Just like i think, everybody should care for their own health, instead of giving the responsibility to the doctor.

So if you like my introduction-post, please follow upvote and resteem it. :)

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Hompage - releasing soon

More contributions of mine:

Introduction-post (german) -

7 advices to live longer -

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*every picture linked in this post was made by myself.*

Stay who you are, the others already exist.


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Welcome to steemit how are you? I can see how passionate you are about photography and fitness. =)
Keep it up and more power.


thank you! :) and yea im good and you? :) yes i am and i will keep going!

followed and upvoted!

greetings :)


thanks dude! upvoted and followed back :)

Hi! I’m Gutzygwin, glad to meet you.
Welcome to the steemit community.
I just gave u a follow, you can follow back @gutzygwin
Help build the steemit community to a greater level.


Thanks buddy !

also give u an upvote and a follow!!



And if you are interested in art, look on my page and follow :)



Thanks bro!

yeah i am!

just followed and upvoted you!

greetings :)


Thanks bro! followed you

greetings :)


thanks mate! :)

followed and upvoted!

grettings :)

Willkommen @futurethinking, ich wünsch dir viel Spaß beim Steemen. Bleib kreativ und motiviert und du wirst sehen wie toll die Community ist.

Btw benutze den tag #deutsch nur wenn du auch was auf deutsch schreibst ;D


ok danke für den tipp! :D

bin jetzt schon total begeistert von der community :D

Grüße! :)