Hello Everyone :D

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Hello everyone. I am Gal Antisia from Toronto, Canada. I am 26 years old, pursuing my post graduation in Literature at the moment.

I also have a deep interest in spirituality. Meditation has taught me so many things. I can’t imagine where I would have been if the path of spirituality had not helped me.

I wish to help others as well through the wisdom I have gained and that is why I love and wish to write. I am glad to find this platform through which I can share my write-ups and spread my wisdom to help other people. I sometimes do poetry as well.

I am a very jolly girl and love to hang out with my friends. I am a bit choosy when it comes to making friends because I believe that the people you hang out with can either make or break you. I love adventure sports. I would rather be willing to go for a ride then for talk in a boring café.

I love animals too, specially my boy Oreo here. 😘

I believe animals are a way of god to teach us many things like loyalty and love. I wish people stop killing them :( Here is a picture of me with one of Santa's rides in Italy. :P

That reminds my love for travelling as well.

I came to know about steemit through a person in a crypto currency seminar where my friend Samara took me by force. 😅 I was not so interested in the beginning but this concept of earning through likes really grabbed my attention. So I made an account the very next day, though was not able to upload anything yet as I was exploring the platform first.

I hope my journey here happens to be as exciting as my beginning is. Hope to make some new awesome friends here :)


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Welcome to steemit!
I am a bot built for the purposes of welcoming new users! I know that steemit may seem very overwhelming to you right now but don't worry. There's a learning curve to everything so just be patient and you'll be churning out posts and becoming a part of something great in no time!

Also if there are any questions that you may have, then just ask your questions on any of my blog posts or in a reply below and I'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have! I will also be creating a basic starting out guide for all minnows and newcomers on my blog so do give it a read as that might help answer many of your questions!

Have fun and I wish you LOADS of success on here! :)

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Welcome to the Steemit Community


Thank you dear :)

You are welcomed Antisia ;-)

Welcome to the wonderful world we call Steemit!

First off, let me tell you that your smile is amazing! Keep that smile on your face for ever! :D
Next thing, I really loved reading your FIRST intro post! A great way of showing pieces of your life and letting us know who you are!

If you are new on the platform, things can become a bit hard at time, confusing and you might feel lost!
The first thing I always tell new members is to connect with others on the platform as much as you can! A perfect spot for this is the MSP/PAL community on Discord. I will leave you the link here. : https://discord.gg/ghA3vu8

They are a marveloud group of people who help the new members on their way here!

I will follow you and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Have a marvelous day!

Best wishes

Welcome steemit community, many new things i will meet here from insight, experience and science. you can also share all things that have not been known by others before, regards to know from me @teukukhaidir

Welcome to large communitu social media..
Interisting written... follow and vote each other... keep in touch :D

check my blog too! i new but away

Hi dear Gal
Welcome to steemit hope you Like it as Well as I do ☺️🎊👌


Hi Gal... Nice to meet you... Welcome to Steemit..🌹.. You are very pretty!!!... This is a nice intro post... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian..😊.. Follow Me @onority

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its nice to meet you