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Hi steemit,,,

Introduce my name Faiza Umrasyita. My accounting name @gardeniazz I am 17 years old, I live in Lhokseumawe Aceh Indonesia

I heard this platform from my uncle @boyasyie, he is one of the old users who joined in september 2017 ago.

Oh yes, I share my first post via a very social app that is eSteem that has been developed by a very kindly Witnes that is @good-karma. hopefully @good-karma can give more attention to post introduction of myself.

I have also seen my uncle @boyasyie has evolved through this platform even he wants to develop a small community that originated from his own family including my nephew who is deeply beloved.

I'm still in a vocational high school, the department of office administration. Perhaps through this platform, I will participate in contributing to developing a project that has been provided because it has seen some amazing opportunities available on this platform, and will certainly provide value for my works later.

Here I will tell about the beauty of Indonesia especially in Aceh. And also through this platform hopefully I can know all the friends in different parts of the world.

I hope the success will come to me later.

Hopefully my friends can direct me in managing this platform. Steemit is the best

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Support me, @gardeniazz

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Welcome to steemit

Selamat datang di steemit... Steem on!

Hello gardeniazz and Welcome to Steemit! I'm very interested to learn about Indonesia, and hopefully you will tell us more about the culture and scenery there. Good luck in School and also Good luck in your Journey here in Steemit.


Please support it for my platform
Thank you:)

a brief introduction, welcome!
Let's support each other by following and upvoting trough in this new platform.
Keep on steemit!

welcome to this great platform, greetings and let's support each other @gardeniazz

Selamat datang.. Tenang saja disini banyak yang akan membantumu berkemebang.. Semoga sukses


Welcome to steemit...
Always be the best...

Welcome to steemit, I will look forward to your creative post and wish you success on this platfrom.

Hi gardeniazz....Welcome to the wonderful world of Steemit. Follow me and I will follow you!
wolf bitcoin.png

Hey gardeniazz :)
Nice to see you around here and welcome to Steemit!
I've followed you cause I know the start is always the hardest, but don't give up. The Steemit community is the best community i've ever joined!
Greetings from Germany :D


Thank you for supporting me :)

Welcome to Steemit!!! Keep on writing beautiful contents. Keep communicating also to people here on steemit. congratulations @gardeniazz

Welcome to steemit...

hi good job! im going to resteem it!