Strong Comunity by 800CryptoClub #800cc


To be honest, I'm not very interested in joining the crypto community on social media (especially in some Facebook groups that I follow) because what they do is not to provide information about the crypto world but only as a medium to spread referral links, many people want to learn about crypto but they are only told to deposit or register on a "certain" website just to get more referrals, and never explain anything just giving a link and done.

and a few months ago I found the 800cryptoclub community that was built by Rhett Creighton or on Twitter is often said by Rhett Cryptography. And in this community not only provide education about crypto but also sometimes there will be prizes and some prizes are given to the community #800cc or 800CryptoClub.

Not just giveaway. Rhett Cryptography also makes SLP tokens called CDCC made on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain network for the 800cryptoclub community which will receive dividends in the form of BCH. and Sometimes Rhett Cryptography also makes campaigns on Twitter @HeyRhett

If you are interested in joining the 800cryptoclub community, you can join to the telegram group and let's create a strong community

800cc Telegram | Zclassic 800cc

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