Introducing harmenj the next big gem people are talking about.

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Hello great people of this community, I'm happy to be here

I got to know about steemit from @youngboss, he played a wonderful role for me to be here

I am okunola oluwatobi by name, as @harmenj on steemit


Who is @harmenj?

Well, I have to confess that I know only little about myself, while you guys know me a lot. Let me tell you the little I know about myself, while I hope you find out who I am yourself


I am gentle and humble, I am friendly and helpful. I love and treet everybody equally. I do respect other people's opinion as I am not ready to be an Iceland. I thrive where their is love. I can go extra miles to meet people's need. I think that's enough from my side, I hope to learn more about me from you all.... Smile

Why am I on steemit?


I want to have many people from within and without the walls of Nigeria who call me friend and I want to make friends all over the world as well

like most of us, our search for a better life brought us here, mine is not so different. I am in need of something that can help me to have access to better life which the government or anybody cannot give and now I find steemit

Bro Tobi 20170729_061946.jpg

What are my expectations from you all

Well,like a new baby in the family who needs everybody's care and support to survive, unless those cares and support are supplied, it would be practically impossible for such child to survive a minute. I am that little child who needs you all to have it easy here on steemit

With your support, I know I will achieve all my objectives on steemit.

Thank you all...........

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I recently saw another demonstration of graphic design’s ubiquity. Someone had taken a series of photographs of busy streets and then painstakingly removed all the logos, symbols, signs, colours, street names and road markings. In other words, they had removed all the graphic design from these photographs. The results were staggering. A world without graphic design is an unrecognizable world — more alien than all but the most extreme sci-fi imaginings.
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Welcome to steemit,a community for positive people just like you,trust me you'll enjoy every bit of it,It takes patience,commitment,perseverance and dedication to succeed on can follow me @donkelly


Greetings From Mr. Crypto!
I enjoyed your post and I'm pleased to meet you!

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