HOdlcoin - It's The Year Of The Squirrel - Nice to meet you!

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I am the Steemit account of HOdlcoin.

You might be wondering why is a coin introducing itself. The answer is that Hodlcoin has a community behind it. Our community is always looking for new peers, members, and working to incorporate new concepts into our coin.

I myself am posting as a member of the HOdlcoin community but I am also a Steemit user like yourself. I like the Steemit platform and I feel like you are more informed about blockchains. I am not paid to post, I happen to like the project and cartoon squirrels and was able to reserve the account for our community first. That's why I chose this as my way of letting you know more about us. I think its time to let you know where are we going. Others may help me in this task or take over completely but we are a pretty easy going community and it will surely be someone competent.

To date we have conquered some of the things necessary in any cryptocurrency; Genesis (the creation of the first block) has come and passed. Our coin went live February 01 2016. With the confidence of our main developer we listed to coinexchange.io. We released wallets with functional term deposits, with solo mining capability, as well as, software for client mining to Suprnova and Optiminer pools. Development continues. We just completed celebrating our 2nd year as a functional blockchain and for our third year we have some exciting additions and potential exchange listings to fortify our product. Its the year of the squirrel!

Wait! What is HOdlcoin?

It is a CPU mineable altcoin of the bitcoin codebase with an interest bearing term deposit mechanism at its most basic.

Our coin is currently mineable by CPU only! The HOdl algorithim was developed to keep hodlcoin a coin of the people. Anyone with a standard computer chip, from recent times, can use one of our mining clients developed for use with Suprnova, Optiminer, and other emerging or existing mining pools, to collect Hodlcoin in exchange for computation. We have gone so far as to develop redundancies such as legacy avx, sse, and even non-sse support via optimized binaries(this means many CPU chips will work). With continued development ongoing, we are looking at more redundancy and the aquisition of more mining pools through the release of real, fair, and reliable tools.

To date we have wallets for Windows, Linux, MacOS as well as an Online and a Paper Wallet. Our code is also available as source code in true transparent fashion. Encapsulated within our wallet is a powerful solo mining engine including a full node of the HOdlcoin blockchain. This flexibility hands you the power to be a real part of the HOdlcoin experience, As well as the potential for solving blocks of the HOdlcoin chain for a reward.

We have a new community developed and supported faucet for obtaining a small amount of HODL absolutely free for use testing your new wallet or to keep as a gift. The faucet is located at http://faucet.hodlcoin.com and only requires a twitter or discord login. Our preference and mission is always to keep our coin and community marketing gimmick free. We want a functional blockchain world and work hard for the trust we get.

HOdlcoin GROWS!


The most unique feature among all with HOdlcoin is the Nominal interest in quantity of 5% in your holdings, as well as the ability to make term deposits with optional terms to increase the quantity return on your investment in HOdlcoin. During the term you lose access to your coins but they never leave your posession. The power to earn more coins and secure your asset is yours without sacrificing privacy or control.

Return on Quantity Rate Specifics
Max of 9.9% APR for 1 Year Term

Term deposit Rates:
1 year term (9.9% APR)
6 month term (9.1% APR)
3 month term (7.75% APR)
1 month term (6.1% APR)
Active balance (5% APR)

HOdlcoin was a Fair launch!

No Premine/Instamine/Ninja

In an effort to bring you only the best we included no bonus to the team, no sneaky gift to insiders, no special treatment for anyone. What you get is the same as everyone gets, HOdlcoin is designed to be fair and transparent. We hope that you will try our coin and begin examining what we believe is the ideal coin holders environment for blockchain integrations into savings.

Proof of Work:

1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the ProtoShares Momentum PoW, first used in MemoryCoin and later modified for use in CryptoNight(Monero,Bytecoin), Ethash(Ethereum). CPU/GPU friendly. (thanks freetrade!)

Here are the blockchain specifics:


154 seconds


50 HODL subsidy per block


Every 4 years


191,586,500 HODL By March 2020, followed by 5.5% inflation rate, declining to 3% over 16 years


5% APR The Standard Interest Rate (in quantity) is paid on regular balances (outputs), on every block, for a period of up to 30 days (561x30 blocks). The rate is approximately 5% APR or (1/2^22)%, compounded every block. Interest is paid on casual balances for up to 30 days.








(These may be subject to change, please check our offchain resources for updates)

How can I get HOdlcoin?

(These may be subject to change, please check our offchain resources for updates)

  1. You have the option to mine for HOdlcoin on your own with the built in wallet solo miner.

  2. Alternatively there are several pools which support hodlcoin mining via one of the client mining softwares supplied by the HOdlcoin team and community.(thanks Orava)For more information on this please visit our website HOdlcoin.com

  3. New for 2018 we have launched the first HOdlcoin faucet where users can claim a small amount of hodlcoin every hour for free. Just login with a twitter or discord account and claim your HOdl now! Thank You dwildcash!

  4. If you want to obtain a larger amount of HODL you can also, at your own risk, visit coinexchange.io the current recommended option for trading cryptocurrency into HOdlcoin.

  5. Komodo Platform's BarterDex supports HOdlcoin for Atomic Swap transactions in any pair of two coins that they support.

  6. This post is permenant and from March 2018, we cannot edit it please check our current list of exchanges at HOdlcoin.com or other official resources.

As of March 2018 we have an ongoing vote to get a listing at a forthcoming exchange named COINPULSE.io
If you have a moment please give us a vote. (no login or gimmicks just a click)


DO NOT USE YoBit to purchase HODL

you will not be able to withdrawal your coins!

There are some other cryptocurrency projects with which we have no affiliation but that use terminology or at times even images that imply a connection. HOdlcoin is a project from 2016, our coin and our blockchain are currently live and functional. Our Ticker is (HODL)

We are not affiliated with the ERC20 HodlcoinToken
We are not affiliated with HODLBucks
We are not affiliated with Interstellar Holdings(HOLD)


We would Love for you to join us !

Our HOdler Community is growing. From the beginning it has been "By the people for the people"
We had no premine, No ICO, we give you the power to hold your invesment at all times. These things incorporate a fairness that we truly believe is integral and essential to future money. Our community has contributed immensely in our foundational growth. With 2018 looking very bright we continue to expand on our Discord and Telegram channels and now we join you here on Steemit. We look forward to the exciting new people that we will meet.

Get involved with HOdlcoin!

Whether crypto novice or guru, there are many good reasons to go with HODL, the name that is synonymous with cryptocurrency. ....and don't forget to check out HODLDAY.COM, as it features our roadmap. A community HUB, documentation, downloads, step by step guides for beginners, a cryptocurrency learning center, and more soon.

For more information visit: http://www.HOdlcoin.com

or visit our community website: http://www.HOdlday.com
To chat, or for questions join our Telegram https://t.me/officialhodlcoin
or Discord Channels https://discord.gg/x5fuQkZ.
For legacy social media visit our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hodlcoin
and/or Twitter account https://twitter.com/hodlcoin

Of course you can always follow Us here! ;)
We appreciate the support anywhere!

The Images for this post were made by: @empath
Term Deposit Chart used in illustration by: Orava
(some text adapted from our existing material with various authors)

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Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and can Hodlcoin be exchanged for Bitcoin at any time?


Yes we are listed and trading at coinexchange.io currently.

Welcome to Steem @hodlcoin.

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All the Best!!!

Welcome to Steemit @hodlcoin!

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