Hello Steemit, lets begin this journey

3년 전

Hey there, Huzaifa here, I born in 1996, being an introvert I love to enjoy my own company, I am an Accountant and tax consultant by profession.
I love to travel playing cricket and that’s all, I have worked for an E commerce site for 3 years and now managing the financed of a company.
Now a days I am pushing myself to be an entrepreneur, overcoming the obstacles, and I will share the struggles of being an entrepreneur, will also share latest trends in finance and technology.
I am very excited to be part of this amazing community & to learn and share the experiences

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welcome to steemit
I want to be you friends,
Follow me...!!!! @milenia

I would enjoy reading more about your entrepreneurial journey.
Your business model and how you succeed in implementing it.

Welcome and good luck!

welcome to joint steemit :D

Welcome and good luck!👍🏽🍀


fav here :)