Hello, I'm ICTman.

3년 전

I'm a streamer, podcaster (soon™️), programmer, and crypto enthusiast.

I'm on steemit because it seems fun, really. I might use this as some sort of blog or something like that. Who knows?

If you want to give me a quick wave and say hi, I'm on Twitter, Discord (ICTman#5904), and occasionally Telegram (ICTman1076) and Reddit. And if you like encrypting ALL the things, I'm also on Keybase. You can find my various public keys there.

So if I sound vaguely interesting, give me a follow. Thanks! <3

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Welcome nice to have you here , maybe you are lucky to be joining when steem is at a really low price . When price is low less people are posting and you have a better chance to earn steem . I highly recommend you post a lot and keep on posting . Till you get to at least 15 Steem Power. Don’t give up . I don’t recommend you buy Steem Power but I do recommend you post often till you get to 15 Steem Power. If you can not post go ahead and make sure to vote at least 6 times when you wake up and 4 times when you are going to bed . No more and no less.


Ok, thanks for your advice! I have 14.922 Power at the moment, but pretty much all of it is delegated and so I only really have 0.1 power, so I will do my best to heed your advice! Thanks again! <3


Correct good luck as you earn your 15 those 15 will go away


That is there to give you a little voting power and to let your account work properly.

@ictman1076, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to steemit!;-)


Thank you! <3

Welcome to Steem, @ictman1076!

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