I'm Royal honey from Dutch family,,,here on steemit with you all

4년 전

Hurrah i was waiting for my approved email from last fews weeks, so at least last day i got approved steemit account. i have no idea why i am so excited about steemit, but i am excited becasue i am excited so not much but i am excited, i came to know here i can get reward of my post, my article, is it true? yeah it is true,, but how much success i can gain here ,, it is leave on time,, but here in my town,, we love alot of fun to have ,, so i have no any idea to have fun here,, but here i will share my life of life,,, i love to talk with people, i love to have good comapnies, because i am also one good girl , i think i am ,, so i like that every should be good, i love to speak honest, true,, so i have also wish that people speak true, also with me,, if you not speak true, with any one,,then its mean you are cheating, or hiding some things bad that you have inside you,, so we should speak true,, if we thief,

i love to respect my elder, so i also like to get love respect from my elder, so if today i will respect my elder community , next in future if i were old,, people will do mine repsect too, because i have read in books, many time,,that as you sow so shall your rap,,,

mean tit for tat ,, as you will behave today,, in future you will get same reply ... to your self..

i love also cooking, i can cook but not good cooking, so i tried my best, some time, i got good but some time, taste behave very bad,, ha ha ha

my favourite hobby is swiming, sports, i am good cricketer,, and swimer, but i am good bowler also, i can do any type of bowling,,spin, fast,,, so it is my ability in game,, so

i love history books,, many books, i have at my home in my collection,, some romance stories about dutch in histroy i love to read,, so i think it that histroy should be keep in mind, if you wana get lesson from histroy,, so i love like to learn from history,, if people forget history then they die soon i have this believe in my self.

here on steemit i will share my whole life,, my whole life stories,, hope you all will like it, and will support me,

here i wana mentioned it that i am not using facebook, or twitter, so it is my first station that i am here to write post my itroduction,,i love writing but it is my first expereince on internet on any site i am doing my introduction,,so may be my introduction not meet the requirement of steemit but hope hope in future i will do my best effort to do more professinal posting on steemit.

here i have aims to share history of life,, history of world, musice,, so i will try.

my family is very cute, sweet, we are total 7 member in my family,, my mother ,father,,grandmother, grand father,, my sis ters , cousion,, but we are total 7 at our own home.

my all sister are very cute, careing ,, i am younger one , mean last in my parents child list. so my elder siter name is ree, then is sobia sara,, sophia,,, and we love with each other very much,, you can see them in here my intro post,,, so hope you will like my first introduction post today,,,, and will comment me,

here i wana mention that my english is not good,i love to write, in spanish,, dutch,,, hope you will appreciate me here..

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Welcome to steemit world

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Hello welcome to steemit!! it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community.....wish you all the best.

Hi, imshoaibvai! Wish you a very inspired experience here on this platform :) Enjoy the friendship!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link https://discord.gg/AkzNSKx
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Hello @imshoaibvai. Welcome to Steemit!

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Welcome! It is so nice to have you with us here. Please let me know if you have any questions by posting them here, and I will help if I can. Good luck!

Welcome to Steem, @imshoaibvai!

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Welcome fellow Dutchie! hope you like it here and will do well! keep sharign with us, will be not really rewarding in the beginnig but just put the time in.
Groetjes uit Amsterdam

Hey ! Welcome to Steemit. For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay.

I love history too.