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Hi Steemit!

I am Ev from Amsterdam and @inlovewith01 on Instagram (26K followers). The first time I heard about Steemit was through a Facebook post of Charles Fuchs ( @Stackin ). He was so enthusiastic about it so I thought it was worth taking a look.
Steemit Selfie.png
Hi, this is me! Selfie time :)

Once I got here I thought: "Finally content with quality!" I loved it! Although I haven’t commented a lot yet I have read the articles and I think this platform is still in it’s magical early days. With magical I mean the vibe of getting to know each other personally, making real connections before the growth explodes. I will never forget the early days of Meerkat, Blab and Periscope, where people knew and supported each other from the very early days! It was a good positive vibe that I can definitely sense here!

Ok, why did I decide to join Steemit?
One of my goals of this year is to write more articles about anything, so I decided to become an active member here, one who comments and posts. Sharing my thoughts openly with many people has always given me valuable insights back. So I hope that you can learn from my insights and we can have some discussions about certain topics, just to stimulate thinking through different perspectives! I’d love to hear from all of you!

Steemit meowcats.png

Last year November, I started to change my Instagram photo style and posted more often. Since then I grew from 350 followers to 26K in less than a year. There I share both nice and frustrating moments that I go through and... MY CATS! Here on Steemit, I’ll share deeper thoughts on personal development, environmental issues, travel, the dating life of a 30-year old woman and… CUTE CAT PHOTOS! I’ll introduce Simba and MiuMiu very soon!

Steemit Simba.png

Gtg. Thanks for reading all of this, I hope to connect with you and exchange thoughts on the topics I’ll write about!

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Greetings from Mallorca !
I love the Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, soooo tasty !


Have fun in Mallorca! Lol yes the Indonesian restaurants are nice here :)

Glad you are here @inlovewith01! I'm looking forward to your posts :)


Thanks Charles, your FB posts motivate me :)

welcome to greatest​ community ever steemit :)


Haha thank you for the warm welcome! @sa2ideas

Welcome to steemit :) I also do covers, play violin and do videos on youtube as well. We have to support each other on steemit, that's why I upvoted you :D


Thanks so much! Nice I love playing the violin!


wait.. You play violin?


Started this year! :)


Violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn. Practice as much as you can If you wanna be successful.

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Thanks haha

Hi!!Nice to meet you and glad to see more people like you in this comunity Steemit! Becoming a steaminion is a great adventure, a good idea and a good hobby! Here you can win money while bloging and writing stories from your life! The start it wouldn't be easy, but it isn't impossible. So just write cool stories and everything will be verry good. Wish all the best! Seya!
With love, @dianamihaela!


Aww that's sweet @dianamihaela! Thank you :) I'm still exploring everything, can't wait to write more and read stories from others!

Welkom Ev! Good to have some extra people here from Amsterdam!


Thanks @cryptotem! Are you also from Ams?


Jup, great city, gave stad!

I know Ev about two years now, we met on Meerkat. She's an incredible young woman with a big smile and an even bigger heart, always on the go to the next adventure. So go follow her!


Aww dankje Jeroen! That's very sweet. Yes we met on Meerkat and I'm happy to know you :) <3

And you help the network with this, any more than I do? Are you breathing better now?


Not sure what you mean?

Hi :)

Very nice introduction, I love the way you express yourself, very genuine and very joyful.

You cats are so cute :P

I have 6 amazing cats myself, they are my brothers and sisters.

Following you on instagram, thanks for you sharing and keep following your joy.



Hi @filipemoleiro, thanks! haha I love them too.
What cats do you have?

Whats up @inlovewith01 welcome to steemit.

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Welcome to steemit. Nice to meet u @inloveeith01^^*


Thanks @jiny :) It's lovely to meet you too! <3

A new Steemian :-) hello @inlovewith01 I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, Wish you much luck! I Have upvoted and will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk


Hi @Tradewonk, thanks for the follow and your support! Still finding my way around here but I like it already :)
Followed you back!


Thank you, i appreciate it!

Hello~ inlovewith01, Upvote & Follow is ou great strength.
Let's try to get along.


We will! :)

Welcome to Steemit inlovewith01.

Welcome inlovewith01 to Steemit.

Welcome to steemit !! Enjoy this beautiful world! Followed. Follow me back 😘