A proper introduction

4년 전

Hi everyone!

I have decided that it's time for a proper introduction since I haven't really done that previously. Although it's been about 4 weeks since I joined Steemit, initially I focused on my travel blog and never really went into details about who I am.

So, let's get started. My name is Elena and I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) I am 28 years old and I have been living in London for the past 3 years. I graduated from University of National and World Economy in Sofia and shortly after moved to London. I speak Bulgarian, English a little bit of Russian as well. I studied Swedish for 5 years and I was pretty good, but since I no longer use it, I believe I have forgotten everything. I also took classes in Hebrew and French but very basic level.
I am working for an Insurance company as a Claims Solution expert. In my free time I go to the gym, I read and quite recently joined Steemit, so I am really excited to have my own blog as well. I strive my best to eat healthy and maintain balanced and happy lifestyle.

My passion is photography and I am currently exploring different opportunities to improve my skills and turn my hobby into something more. I also love traveling, as you can see from my blog, so I do my best to fulfill this passion as often as I can.

I am glad my boyfriend introduced me to Steemit as he is very much into blockchain technology and crypto. I am excited since I met some very kind and helpful people here!

That's pretty much everything about me!
I am thrilled to part of this amazing community!
Best wishes,

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Thank you! I will certainly do!

welcome beautiful lady! We all wish you all the best here on steemit keep in touch Elena!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello @charlottte! CryptoNews 24/7 is launching as a source for daily insights into the CryptoMarkets. Please give us a follow to keep up to date on the latest trends in the major CryptoMarkets. Whether markets are up or down, a wise trader can always find a way to turn a profit!


Thank you, love! Xxx

Very nice Introduction Eelna.....Nice to meet You here..I must say You are so pretty


Thank you very much!


Your most welcome dear

welcome to steemit, and nice to know you.
looking forward for your next post.


Thank you! I will have my new post very soon!

Welcome to the family @intemporel

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Welcome to steemit

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Best wishes 👏👍

Sniff Sniff, just checking things out! Welcome to steemit! Everything smells good to me! Hope you enjoy your time here. There are some nice links for you in the other comments!
Bark bark


Hi, thank you very much!

@intemporel! I wish you good luck here, I am pretty much sure you are on the right blockchain platform and you will like it a lot!

Успех! Ако имаш въпроси питай, първите дни аз също имах много въпроси, но гледах много клипчета, четох много блогс и така.


Thank you very much!

Мерси много. Аз не мислех, че има българи тук. Радвам се, че съм грешала. Ами, да доста ми беше объркано в началото. Вече посвиквам. Но доста неща са ми неясни. Като ти гледам профила, имаш доста качествени последователи. И аз гледам да чета статии и да се образовам, но изисква време. Сърдечни поздрави от Лондон!


Mersi, mersi! Az inache tuka se zapoznah s oshte edna balgarka @ladycasper! Vij klipchetata i infoto ot @jerrybanfield i @joeparys, kato za nachalo.
I tryabva da porabotish s botovete za upvotes, pomaga mnogo. Sushto taka imai predvid, che cryptocurrency sega sa mnogo evtini, mojesh da si kupish. Imainfo, che kum 2020 godina 1 Steem, shte e kum 100$. Na men mi haresa statiyata na edin makedonez tuka, koito dokazva, che vseki account imasht 10 000 Steem, shte byde dollarov millioner prez 2020 god. Toi ima nad 10 000 Steem, no accounta mu e ot nachalto na 2017 godina, kogato Steem-a beshe okolo 0,07$!!!

Pozdravi i na London, edin ot ljubimite i gradove, mnogo e kupondjiiski, pubs, sightseeings i gotini hora!

p.S: Az se registrirah v steemit v nachaloto na January 2018, ama zarady my ignorance +laziness ne go razbrah togava, haha. A zazepih chah prez kraya na April, taka che moje da se kaje, che sum tuk ot nyakude 20.04.2018.


Мерси много за информацията. Да и аз си мислех да си купя малко steem и да power up- на нали? Иначе, да има няколко бота, които ми препоръчаха. Общо взето си трябва и късмет.
Успех в начинанията и още веднъж благодаря за полезната информация!


Po dobre e da convert v SBD i reinvest! Za bots v samoto nachalo izpolzvai smartsteem.com, mojesh da kupuvash votes s guaranteed ROI, okolo 10-15%


Much appreciated!

Am proud to welcome you. Stay bless and connected.

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Elena, you are beautiful and I love to dance. Do you dance?


Thank you! Yes I do love dancing :)


I want to dance with you.