Introduceyourself Javyerhn

4년 전

Hi fellas, my name is Javier, but you can call me Javyerhn so we can make this easy for your language.
I work with airplanes, but thats not relevant to this, cause i'm not talking about that here, cause if i wanted to talk about my work i'll be working already.
In here i'm talking about stuff that i care, but i don't see too much to be talked in this place. Stuffs like pop culture, series, latin music and his influence, some latinamerican politics when i feel is the time and in general, things that will come to my mind when i can write about it.
I write in english and spanish, so you people can all read my content and make myself understood.
So, let's begin with this.

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Hello Welcome to steemit. I'm here, too, most recently
I'll be glad to meet you. I work in the music field and am the founder and leader of a music project called Music Without Borders
And this is my first post Where can you find out about me more


Welcome to steemit Javyerhn , hope you have a great experience on steemit. If you wanna check out my blog feel free @dan21050 - All the best.

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