I love art

3년 전

Hello friends.i'm suye.

I always love art, A few days ago I join steemit. I am very happy to be here I will share my heart among you occasionally

Today, I will share my one art among you . I have tried art for a long time and I have done different types. In particular, a pen and pencil art I do more. And sometimes it requires some mentality to do coloring. A thought should be done only by articulating itself, and it must be done well. image

I hope all of you will well and please if you like my art upvote resteem and follow me

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Welcome to the community , best of luck and enjoy the journey


Thank you @jkenny.

Happy to see you join Steemit!

Welcome to Steem, @jidan!

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Welcome lovely art

Great job with the drawing! If you can show a series of shots as you progressed with any artwork, this to show ownership and a longer content would be fabulous to catch the eye of different curation teams for higher upvotes.


Now I get less time to do art due to the busyness. Some of my art is before me. I want to show them on this platform @bayanihan

Welcome, good drawing

Great work @jidan you are very talented.

Welcome to steemit kabayan!☺ For a person who also loves art, I'd say you'll love this platform. There are a lot of impressive post here in this community you will like.☺


Yeah, absolutely its great platform and i love this☺

Love your drawings and I draw too.