Totally insulted my name’s available, McAfee, It's John McAfee

2년 전

Yeah it’s me you shits, I always hated that “official” in front of my twitter account so I just got my, you know, actual name here. It was available which is pretty insulting. Also the fucking account took like 5 days so what the shit is that about. At least Steemit Inc. seems committed to looking committed. I'm on here now so what are you douchebags gonna do, pump this one up to oblivion as well, what? I'm not the real John McAfee you say, I’m another twitter hijacker on a new platform? How about I tell you how it is, I'm either a disgruntled former McAfee employee trying to have a bit of fun, or I'm McAfee himself, 50/50 chance either of us gets it right. Whichever one it is though, doesn't even fucking matter I bet you a dollar. How about that shiba coin, good shit but I'm sick of people calling my super rich gold plated ass a pumper, I have a Bentley. Catch my ICO 'pump' later on twitter I guess.

I'm here to stay until I get bored or sober up, like what the fuck is even going on right now.

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@johnmcafee Welcome! would it be possible for you to please verify on your official twitter account that this steemit account belongs to you :)

Then I am sure we can show you tons of love $$$$ here :)


Ha, and lose this awesome I am or I ain't persona, fuck that. Plus this shit does not need an extra pump right now. "tons of love $$$$" I'll have you know that besides gold plating my ass, I've replaced one of my Bentley's wheel caps with a tiny solid gold dogecoin.

I must be tired because this made me laugh, haha. Welcome John...or whoever you are! ;)

Love it.
Welcome and followed.

Sober up? Why, what's the incentive?

Welcome to Steemit, good place for fauves, bit like the boards of old days. This will be too interesting to not follow.

Is this really you? Is it really you?

Like... Would it be possible to tweet about your steemit profile?


No one even tried to reserve my name, so yeah it's me you heartless SOBs. As for the twitter, I think the dogecoin retweet was enough to display the platform without ass blasting it, especially with a 5 fucking day setup time.

  1. is the hooker dead?
  2. have you read all 3 Steem Whitepaper, Steem Bluepaper, and SMT Whitepaper?
  3. What's the likelihood you be the next asshole whale on this platform? (whale meaning an above 1 million Steem Power, assuming you know what Steem Power is)