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Hey< it's quite a strange but I didn't know about your platform yet.
I'll resteem you now, let my subscribers discover it.


Thanks, I didnt know either.

It's a nice feature actully. Could help a lot of people. I'll try to use it hopefully.

This is really amazing. I just learned about it. It is sort of similar to what I have been doing for a year now, except instead of the community answering any questions, I answer questions about car problems. I thing it is a great way for community to come together.

And congratulations on receiving so much delegation. I think it is great you are promising to use all of it on the community.

This project looks like Quora but on steem blockchain :)
great idea hehe

Just discovered it... Need toexplore it now

Musing is the best

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Crypto currency would be good in every run , long short and medium term I am with you

I just looked into @musing, but it seems you don't store the questions and answers on the blockchain? Why don't you do that? Does that even make sense?
Edit: I just discovered that you do store the answers/questions in the blockchain, but kinda hidden. Why don't you display them on other frontends? I would highly appreciate that :)

I have to try Musing for sure. Some of the people I follow use your platform a lot and they look excited. Hard work pays off and you guys are doing a great effort.

Thumbs up

Musings is great. Really nice platform too! That’s your fault I imagine. Best of luck with it. It’s gonna blow Quora out of the water .

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I've heard a lot of great things about musing but I've yet to try it out - will have to now after reading this. :)
Good luck with everything!

First time I have heard of this, and I must admit that it looks amazing!


It's the best thing on steem!

I'm proud of this team. You really worked hard and now it pays off. I'm happy to be part of Musing at its early stage, overwhelming feeling. Great job team, I'm seeing a beautiful and clear direction.


I absolutely agree. Really nice comment from you.

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I must commend you @jonching for this innovation. will grow beyond your dreams. Its amazing the great traffic @musing will draw from user interaction. For me, its a One-stop spot for help

Dude I am an absolute a fan of your work..... but sorry to say that like most other dapps the devs of Steem dapps remain behind the scenes and invisible to most of us. Thanks for this post though - First time I have heard about you.

I am a very heavy user of musing - hundreds and hundreds of answers by me on your platform..........



Thank you guys! I am looking forward to it and am officially requesting a small interview from the team :-)

One of my targets of coming to the Steemfest is to meet the Steem family. I would be trying to talk to as many people as I can but I would be honored to interview a select few. is my favorite dapp here and I have been using it very heavily for the last two months. What has always bugged me is the fact that why more people do not know about it. I have actually written posts about it and have promoted it relentlessly among friends.

..... All I am saying is that - great job guys and see you soon!


We love having you as part of the Musing community @hashcash. We'll chat at Steemfest!

~ Jon


Thanks man! See you there :-)

it's kinda like Qoura or if your old school "yahoo answers"! i'll resteem it to let people know.

@jonching , I have requested a feature which is pending for long time : Allow us to add more tags while posting it to our blog. And many others also requested for the same. I am sure, this feature will help us lot, and improve more engagements on the musing platform. So please consider, implementing it ASAP. I think, its not too complicated or time consuming to implement this simple feature, based on what I have understood so far.

Finally!! How preety cool this "M" :D

I'd never really considered using before but it looks like I should really give it a go. Will head on over now to take a look.

Congrats on the delegation mate. You're onto something great here.

I haven't heard of this at all yet! definitely going to try it out right now.

I love @musing!!! Where you also behind the iOS app (What?) an app similar in nature yet not as developed as Musing?

Regardless, I spent a lot of time educating myself about #Bitcoin and the six or so other #cryptocurrencies that were available when I began about three years ago. The more fluid the Intel the more we stack!

Thanks and praise for your amazing contribution to the crypto-verse. and others like it are much needed if the crypto-world is to grow at an exponential rate.

I am excited for everything that is happening in Steem. We are building good bases for the takeoff to the moon. Thanks for all this effort and congratulations

I've been asking questions on musing and I really get the best answers.

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Can we login with out steem keys?

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Hey @christoryan,
i did a mistake, i read with our instead of with out.
So no, at the moment it works only with steem keys.
How can i transfer you the 0,03 back?
Sorry for the inconveniences!


  ·  2년 전

Do musing support Chinese?

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Good to hear that is moving along quite nicely. I haven't really been active there since the Steem HF20 launch debacle -- looks like I need to get my butt back there and do some more answering when I get the chance!

Welcome to Steem jonching! Partiko is a officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

Partiko for Android can be downloaded here on Google Play and the iOS version is available here on the App Store.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord channel and ask, we're always here to help!

Thank you so much for your interest!

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Congratulation to @musing for receiving one million SP. It's a great news. @jonching I thank you for creating such a nice app on Steem. Before,, I had to find topics on which I could make posts but musing gives me readymade topics. It is one of the most interactive things on internet.
I am posting answers on musing everyday. I am getting nice upvotes for my answers. Really, musing helped me in many ways. It helps me to make relation with community, earning for creation and above all it's a learning platform. It is the best thing on Steem. Thank you and your team for this nice product.

Nice to finally put a name tomthe DApp. Absolutely fantastic work and arguably the best, well moderated and rewarded DApp on Steem. Not only that, you are totally right, the content standard is incredibly high.
I wish you every success for the future and am excited to be here at the start of something huge.
Finally, a massive thank you form the rewards Ive personally got from @musing. Musing's big plus for me is that anyone can join in, it makes Steem much more inclusive.
Cheers mate, have a great weekend :-)

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it is really amazing news. I wish all the best for musing and am sure all of us can take it to a great level with your supervision and help.
Rating of question and answers, moderating and removing spam can also be introduced to keep the site clean.

looks amazing...I'm going right over to check it out :) is the best DApp on steemit that truly encourages everyone that adds value to the platform without any discrimination. You people are doing a great job and we hope that your moves to make standout in the world scale through. Kudos to the @musing team

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Very simple but valuable idea. Good one, I'll be asking some questions/.

Thank you @jonching for this awesome platform. It really makes my day asking and having the privilege of answering questions.

The congratulations on the delegation

Being a Musing user for some time this is a great news for us.

Great to really hear from you and no wonder this post will add a positive effect on Musing users and we sure will see a increase in users for this.

I need more questions to answer hehe

We the Musing users are with the team.

I've seen Musing on my feed from time to time thanks to a fellow Steemit user I follow (@nathen007 < he's a good human, go check him out) and I've thought of trying it out myself.

However, as I logged on the site I got a little confused and I saw a lot of questions that weren't really questions or seemed like spam. It demotivated me a little, but now to think of it, nobody comes to serve you food on a tray, so you have to do some digging to find a great question.

Another spammy aspect might be people answering the questions in very short spammy answers to get as many upvotes they can get... I hope those with that mentality fail. (Oh, wow, wishing bad for the others, damn, gurl!)

Nevertheless, I'm thinking of giving it another try. I can see it have potential and the right questions can be answered longer and with more passion, motivate people to write more... Well done, Musing!

I don't know where I wanted to get with this comment but ughh, Well done, I like what you do!


Most of the value of upvotes on Musing comes from the Musing account. Their team do a really good job of picking out only quality questions and answers for upvotes. This doesn't stop spammy questions and answers but it does make the practice unrewarding.

this is very interesting.

best platform to learn and earn, where we not only share our knowledge but also learn from other's answer.

it seems interesting.

Thank you ! I'm excited to start using simply because it pays steem.

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I'm happy for you and Musing!

Looking forward to meeting you at SF3 in person :)

The most improvement has been in Google SEO. Our views for different Musing Q&A posts today are 10x what they were just a month ago.

Really cool :) how can we support the project? Apart from using it!

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Musing is simply the best!!! You get to share knowledge and your opinions when you answer questions and at the same time, you learn from people's answers. The best part is that you get to see questions that make you think outside the box before you can even begin to answer them.

Great job @jonching I can't thank you enough for creating such an amazing Dapp!!!

I really like Musing

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That's a good news. But be sure to make the community more greater. Success to you @jonching and entire musing team which I hope to join as well

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Hey, @jonching.

Congratulations on the success so far on and for the recent delegation of SP from Steemit.

I've just begun to check out the site. It sounds like there's exciting times ahead if things work out the way you're hoping they will.

I wish you well in these endeavors.

Thanks for your intro...I have your site Musing up right now. I am going to join it today!! I have a similar section on my site, really similar. My question ans answer section is live but I have work that I am still doing to it. Props and nice to find you here on steemit!! I have followed you too!

Yay! Congratulations @jonching, the team, and the wonderful community members.

I was just literally writing in a answer yesterday (probably hours before this post) that is getting short-changed when it comes to the amount of delegation it receives from Steemit, Inc. So, it's a welcome surprise to be reading this right now. Great times to be a part of this community. I'm also super excited about the upcoming developments. Hopefully, the improved filters and sorting of questions will be included. Hehehe.

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Congrats this post is featured on my news show (in Chinese :D) for today.

I'm really curious what that news is. Really enjoy using musing lately.

This is great news, all of it!

Thanks for the introduction. I’m a big fan of the concept. I’ve asked and answered a few questions on the platform. I think it’s really cool.

I look forward to Musing’s continued success!

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Musing is a great project. I really rep the CEO for his wonderful work.

Just discovered you guys. Going to try it out and then maybe I'll write an article or do a video about the platform?

It is simply amazing. I feel it is just like quora.

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  ·  2년 전

good job it is interesting

Well then, glad I finally started Musing just a day ago. I must say, the way you've worked around the usual "comment" resteeming limitations of other interfaces was quite clever!
Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next. :)

Hello, nice to meet you
I have followed you, you can follow me back @victorialuxx

If you can talk about it, is there a Musing SMT on the horizon?

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This is such a great news to us Musers (Is this what we call ourselves now? XD)

It was just last night in which I've answered two questions about Musing needing at least 1 million SP and woke up to this! Lol Pretty amazing really!

Well hope you stay as amazing compared to other platforms Musing, I still do love your simplicity and minimalistic design so I for one hope it stays that way for some time. I expect a lot of users will come flock in today, lots of competition now ha ha :)

Just joined it now, will be an active member of it.

Just joined and posted my first question! Nice work @jonching!

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It is good if you can provide local language. I would be very happy.

Welcome to Steem!
i wanna be a part of this!
follow my channel for vlogs about living in Miami

As a person who participated a lot on Quora, I will use your platform from now on :)

Ya fui a ver tu pagina y hasta vote en un post interesante que encontre. Ciertamente se consigue buena informacion alli.Gracias por presentarte y apoyarnos y ser diferente!!!

  ·  2년 전

Hey, I'd never heard of Musing until I read this post. But I was looking for something like this, and I liked it immediately. Here's my review.

Yay, another test for a bot. Sorry about this. Enjoy the upvote though.

Congrats, someone thinks that your post was good enough to be deserving of a vote. Enjoy it.

  ·  2년 전

Great news! I have been enjoying interacting and participating on

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This is the happiest I've been in a long while! You rock @jonching! Also glad to be (indirectly) featured in this post haha! Cheers and looking forward!!

Awesome job, great UI - I'll definitely check it out - seems worthwhile to spend some time there, although I'm not a big fan of Steem anymore and would prefer to see your dApp on another blockchain.

I have never heard of this but it looks very interesting, so I'm going to give it a try. great job

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Hey Jon, this is Sida, nice meeting you tonight!

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Really good.. Could implement the spanish tag, and test if this tag is accepted or not interested in Spanish speaking people.. Sorry, for my english.. You know.. 😻

It was nice meeting you in Poland! I recorded your @musing speech and posted it to @dsound for all to hear. Cheers:

Do you upvote answers 24hrs or there's only a certain time answers are upvoted by Musing?

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