Introducing my Self

3년 전

Hello Steemit community, today I have decided to introduce my self to the world, I was little bit stranger in front of you
I am Joseph from Tanzania Eastern of Africa, very natural and beuty country, blessed with unique wild animals on earth, where you find the second highest peak on earth mountain "KILIMANJARO"...
I love online staffs..I have dedicated 80% of my time online (crypto & forex trading), persuading to earn my dream life.

I believe i am on right place with right people here on steemit.

I get inspired with all of you guys.!



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Welcome! I, Nina, was actually visiting Tanzania some years ago 🙂.


thanks :)

Welcome aboard the steemit money 🚆 train

Hi Joseph... You are most welcome in steemit. Tou can invite us to visit your country to see the beautiful places...hahaha... Thank you...

Also Please join Discord Group veRve so that we can discuss and promote our posts there.

We have a ​common interest in Forex, I think you may find my blog interestin...​