First Video - What Will I Be Doing

2년 전

Hi Steemians, this is my first post!

My Main Series will be called the Work In Progress Journal and will document the main projects that I am working on at the time. Hopefully the WIP series will last for some time as a resource to look back on and also to provide some encouragement for you as well.

Some of the things I'm interested in are:
Writing (Fiction), Space Technology, Engineering+Electronics, Entrepreneurship and the list goes on...

Look out for more videos soon.

Thanks for listening Steemians!
See you soon

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Welcome man ;)
Great idea to introcude yourself with a little video - I hope you will like it here!
Greets, @theaustrianguy


Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to Steemit!!!


Thanks viral-video


Your Welcome!!!

Welcome to Steem, @joshuajdean!

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Congrats on your first post. Kinda nervous about mine. You’re going to rock at this tho, don’t stop 😊


This means a lot, thank you.

  • A Quick Tip: It took me a few minutes talking to the camera to get used to it before I could even speak normally :) Hope this helps.

Tell me about it. The more I record the more I notice I wasn’t a fan of my own voice 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I guess more practice and more recording. Thank you for the tip!!

Great first post you did really good can't wait to see more content I just followed you


Thanks a lot man, appreciate it, just checked out your channel and excited for the new videos!


Thanks a lot man, appreciate it, just checked out your channel and excited for the new videos!


Do or do not. There is no try.

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