Part 4: Hiking Adventures in BC

3년 전

Hello steemers! Today I’m going to share a few hiking experiences I would definitely recommend to anyone to whoever is in the Vancouver area. The majority of these beautiful hikes can be accessed using the Sea to Sky Highway (which is without doubt the most scenic highway I’ve ever seen!). This highway is super easy to hitchhike to, so refer to my previous blogs for tips on how to be a pro at it!

The first hike I’d like to mention is Panorama Ridge. Even though in my first blog I briefly mentioned it, I thought I would outline the hike in some more detail. So a little bit of story time!

I was out at a couchsurfing meetup in downtown Vancouver and bumped into another couchsurfer I’d met before, Heike. She mentioned she had found someone with a car willing to go drive to Panorma Ridge early the next day. The catch was it was going to be an 11 hour return hike. Normally people camp overnight and do the hike in two days. Here is the website to reserve your spot during the summer and early spring months So hungover af I met up at the proposed spot at a gas station in The West End and was met by two lovely Italians living and working in Vancouver, Guiseppe and Marta. Bit of a shoutout to Guiseppe here because he managers D’oro Gelato in The West End and treated me to some mean Gelato and coffee the day after, check him out if you’re in town and mention Jules from Australia sent you Anyway so the trail head to the hike is about a 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver. Pack plenty of food and water for the trek, its mostly uphill. If you plan on doing it the whole thing in a day, hike to Garibaldi Lake (about 5 hours) and have lunch at the most scenic and beautiful lake around. It’s a glacier fed lake so it’s a stunning deep blue colour!


Guiseppe and I riding on a wave of adrenaline!

Normally around July there is no snow, however due to a freakishly high snow falls in the winter we still had 3m (yes that’s not a typo, 3000cm!) of snow climbing towards the summit. This made it all the more stunning to look around. There were Glacial Lilly’s blooming (only bloom for 2 weeks of the year) and of course it’s fun to have snowball fights in 33 deg Celsius!



Normally the assent to the summit is pretty straight forward, but because the snow was epiclly slushy and I foolishly brought my runners it was a trek and a half to get to the top. 7 hours of total hiking and we made it to the most stunning view and there was a group hug of relief (seriously that hike up in the snow was a ball breaker). On the way down the adventure crazed Heike challenged me to a race down the snow-capped hill. Well it started off well till I full stacked it and ate shit. This is a hike you need to do before you die!


Further up the highway you’ll find the Adventure Capital of the World, Squamish. Once a sleepy little town only used by locals is now a world renowned place for get ready; Hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, paddleboarding, bird watching, rock climbing, kite surfing and 4x4 driving. It’s a really special place you would want to check out for a few days and is only 50 minutes from Vancouver. There are two great day hikes on offer here that you need to do. The Sea to Sky (requires a 3.5 hike up and $15 gondola ride down) which gives you some really incredible views of the stunning mountains surrounding the top.


The Chief is other day hike that is free and has 3 peaks you can hike to (I really suggest hiking all three as each vista gives totally different perspectives of the surrounding gorges, monolith rocks and the giant fjord below!). Once you reach peak 2, sit back and take in the Squamish Valley and its natural beauty and watch the some rock climbers ascend the face of the chief. If you’re lucky you’ll see some crazy people free soloing some sections (free solo means no ropes, no equipment….. yeah its whack check out if you want to see the world’s best free solo climber. Warning the guy’s climbing will make you bite your nails!)




Emerald green Squamish river is awesome to have a quiet afternoon read!

The final hike I’d like to recommend is Mount Brunswick. I spontaneously chose to do this hike on my very last day in Canada and it was a great option as the views at the top are really spectacular. The trail head starts in the town of Lions Bay. So with my trove of Tim Ferris podcasts downloaded and ready to climb (more on Tim Ferris in later blogs, he’s a genius!) I started the solo 6 hour return hike. Ok disclaimer this hike is ball breaker towards the top. Great views require great effort to get to them.


On top of yelling “Hey bear!” every 3 minutes (tool locals say to use while hiking to give neighbouring black bears a heads up you’re around), I hit a point where I was literally having to take a rest every 5 steps while dragging myself by clutching onto surrounding Douglas Fir trees to not tumble down this mother of a steep hill. Soon I was out of the forest section and started the scrambling section (scrambling is a mix between walking and crawling up a steep hill).

IMG_2346 (2).JPG

This part was mega gnarly, there was literally way too many chances to slip and die up climbing up here. All the rocks going up were brittle granite leaving behind an ocean of little rock filings leaving me 100% focused on the task at hand. Despite the danger it posed this was an incredibly fun part of the hike and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys hiking. Finally making it to the top I was greeted by another group (the first people I’d seen on the trail the whole day). They were nice enough to take some epic shots of me on the top.


If you’re game and want a really great view, one website suggested that if the wind was low to try scramble further on top of the hill. Not for the fainthearted, there was a 600m drop on one side and a complete 1000m+ drop on the other with about a 2m wide ‘platform’ to walk along but it provided an incredible panorama view in a different perspective!





Hiking in BC is a really special thing. No where else have I been where the hikes are consistently providing amazing views and incentives to keep pushing even though your quads and calfs are screaming. Give them go!

Steemit Worldmap: [//]:# (!steemitworldmap 49.697394 lat -123.146439 long Hiking Adventures Around Squamish d3scr)

Stayed tuned for my next blog with some story time. Hint, bears involved!

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Super blog of a great place. Your photos put Vancouver really high on the bucket list of must visit places.

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Looks like a cool hiking trail!

Thanks for sharing this amazing post! Will definitely try to get there one day.

Waow - what amazing scenery!

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Thanks for sharing, just discovered @steemitworldmaps and totally my new favourite. Not only is it going to help discover new places but hopefully connect with new people. Love it.


Heya, nice to hear you're loving the idea! We're still constantly improving it as it's fairly new all in itself (up for give or take 3 months only now)!

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

Really amazing post, and from a fellow hitchhiker, awesome, haha!
Looks like you had some incredible views there!

Holy shit I just added this to the list. Amazing perspective, thanks for the share

Panorama Ridge - i heard about it. your narration really tempting us to visit at the earliest. very good pictures with a very impressive narration. while reading the post felt as if we are present there. specially the picture with you on the top of a mounten is very good.

very good post. i wait for your next post. good luck

just beautiful, check out my blog. I also like to share this kind of adventures!

Really great post! I love the details you give on the hikes and things to do, as well as the entertaining stories of your own experiences. Not to mention your photography is really nice! I grew up in Southeast Alaska, just up the coast from British Columbia and pretty much the exact same climate and geography. We yelled "Woah Bear" but that is pretty much the same thing LOL. Happy to have found you tonight - followed and looking forward to more great posts! Cheers- Carl

I thought that those are definitely not your photos, but they are! :D Great, I look forward to new adventure posts :D
And there is no need to use introduce tag (:


Accidently had that tag still up when I posted, is it possible to edit it once you've posted it? I tried to but nothing happened.


cannot edit first tag :D Just avoid that tag in future posts :D Restimeed and upvoted (:
Keep making stuff like this ! @julesdan

Man, those are some gorgeous views! Welcome to steemit!

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That it's such a nice place that i ever seen before, you have extraordinary picture in an outstanding view. Anyway, I absolutely like your picture that you stood alonely on the top of rock mountain in fearless. I believe someday I will hike this amazing mountain

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Great pictures with amazing views! Thank you for sharing:)

Oh you are a dare devil. I love it!

Theme deserves attention
good luck

Man I just love BC so much! Great job on those shots. I have a few BC shots on my profile too if you would like to check em out :)

Thanks for this great post. Amazing photographs with incredible views and amazing nature.

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Beautiful!!! Look forward keeping up with your posts 😊

This is the best thing I've seen today!
Thanks for sharing good captured pictures.
That height is really knee-shacking experience!

You are gone in many spots. "Man isn't made for defeat a man can be destroyed but not defeated"

Hello, your pics are just awesome! The nature is wonderful!

what a beauty! the spirit captures!

I've done it all, great memories. Brunswick was pretty snowy in July this year which was quite unusual.
Looking forward more posts of your and maybe seeing you around Vancouver next year!

What lovely pictures, a bit silly how you go on the edge lol/top of the rock..


@ strongforce Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit!


Don't kill yourself over a biscuit though ! Lol :P

You know that thing you think about when you older and you wish you would have done something like this when you were younger? Well I've got that now. I liked hiking when I was younger, but I got all out of shape now. I've never been anyplace that looked so beautiful while hiking though. I hope I am reincarnated to get another chance and don't mess it up next time.

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Amazing pictures! The views are just amazing. Never been to BC but these pictures really make me want to go!

Welcome to Steemit, Julian!
What an amazing photography story - congrats on such a big start! That combination of green forests, snow-covered mountains and the deep blue lakes truly reveals the nature's beauty. Thanks for taking us with you :-)
Upvoted and followed.

Welcome! And what a fabulous introduce yourself post. I love to hike in the Scottish mountains when I go back for a visit, but I think the Rockies would be out of my league now. At least there we don't have to shout "Hey Bear!" Lol! Great photos to accompany your post!

The views are amazing. I love the way you managed to capture natures true colors :)

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

I like this landscape a lot, I wish I had a camera of this I like this landscape a lot, I wish I had a camera of this quality.


Just used my $150 motorolla

Isn't coushsurfing the most incredible way to meet new people and discover new adventures. Only did it a couple of times in Malawi and stayed with such a warm and welcoming family.

  ·  2년 전

Garibaldi! I am planning to hike that this coming summer. I can't wait. Thank you for your share, you just got me even more hyped for my trip.

Wow incredible shots would love to visit there. Was going to emigrate once a upon a time haha

This brings me back to my hikes near Vancouver, 20 years ago! So beautiful!!

Unreal man, I was born and raised in Vancouver than moved to Alberta. Are you based out of Van yourself?


I've moved back home to Melbourne to save up for my next trip :)!

A wonderful location for a wonderful photo!
I want to travel together!
Because I love the outdoors too! !😃

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Wow! Those are some sick shots! It's already so awesome on picture. Can't imagine how it's like to marvel at the beauty in real life!

Should come to Sydney Australia for some hiking! look up the wedding cake rock! :D

Good photos! Visit our blog and see the latest news :D Greetings

HOW do I make money on steemit it's so hard to

Sitting in a damp, dark and grey United Kingdom, as I type, your post is truly inspirational. Nature is a great healer and often in our hectic modern go go go world we forget to connect with the simpler things in life. Happy hiking xox

Oh yeah so there actually is some hiking guys on steemit! Hiking is so something I'd like to master someday! Do you have any places to recommend in Qc or any beginner tips for me?

The pictures are wonderful and your story is fascinating. I visited Vancouver last year and I look forward to going back out west to explore British Columbia.

Hi! I enjoyed reading this post very much!

Hi @Julesdan, thank you for your post! I was wondering about the brown bears? It must have been scary thinking they could appear? But then again i dont think they will provoke if not disturbed! The views look so beautiful and i would definitely check it out if i do go to that part of the world. Hope youre well!

Much love,

Wow, sights in Canada are really overwhelming as well :) I would love to be there to be honest, it seems like an really amazing place for hiking. You have snow in parts, where it's relatively warm - that's so cool! I mean I know those are mountains, but it still looks really amazing <3