Introducing Jury.Online and the (JOT) Token | The Future of Dispute Resolution

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Hello Steemit. We are Jury.Online

Judicial systems and legislation across the globe have not kept pace with innovation.

Ethereum smart contracts provide a path towards more transparent and efficient dispute resolution; but ultimately, they are just frameworks for us to build upon.

Jury.Online takes the next step.

Shevtsov Alexander Dmitrievich

Founder & Main Developer

Shevtsov Alexander Dmitrievich was born on May 20th, 1994, in Minsk, Belarus. He worked on the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty at Belarus State University. He published a Mathematics thesis on The Density of Cartan Subalgebras in the Variety of Abelian Subalgebras of Semisimple complex Li’s Algebras. He also studied at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (Department of General and Applied Physics), where he attends the Graduate School of Economics and works on the faculty of Mathematics. Qualifications: Dmitrievich is a mathematician with a background in abstract and theoretical areas of mathematics, engaged in cryptography, and he wrote in several academic journals for universities on topics such as, Advanced Encryption Standard and Hash Algorithms . Dmitrievich is a Blockchain developer, blockchain enthusiast, and he writes smart contracts on Ethereum. Dmitrievich came up with the idea of while researching new opportunities block chain offers, such as, security, decentralization, the ability to execute trusted transactions in environments where traditionally trust is limited, transparency, and applying its functionality to real world use cases. For Jury.Online, Dmitrievich works with the concept, mechanism, architecture, and security of the system.

I’m interested in blockchain because this technology, and cryptography, in particular, are ones of the very few spheres of abstract mathematics, with matchless beauty and elegance that can be applied in the real world. -Shevtsov Alexander Dmitrievich

Konstantin Kudriavtsev


Konstantin Kudriavtsevwas born on February 10th, 1979, in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He graduated with a degree in Technical Cybernetics from the Dnepropetrovsk State Technical University of railway transport in 2001. He published a thesis on Сomputer Based Model of the Brain, on the Example of Handwriting Recognition.
Qualifications: Kudriavtsev worked on the development of fault-tolerant, high-loaded information systems. He has work experience in the largest banks such as PrivatBank, AlfaBank, and he worked in London at UBS Bank. In 2008, he opened with a company, which is fully set up all workflows, mobile application, IoT. In general, Kudriavtsev has a sound background in all related Blockchain technologies on an individual level, such as p2p protocol, encryption, etc... He developed an interest in Blockchain technology when he saw the opportunity to combine these fields. Kudriavtsev came to the Jury.Online (DEV. Team) when there was a need to recruit the most technical specialists in the blockchain technology. He now manages all work processes.

The following is a brief explanation of and the JOT Token. For a more in-depth understanding of the protocol see our whitepaper.





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This will be game changer.

welcome,,,, and good luck

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super post I liked your innovation

your post is very interesting, I am waiting for your next post. hopefully there are new things that i read

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When two or more counterparties wish to issue The deals are executed via smart contract operation. Counterparties of the deal agree to the terms of the deal, then deposit funds to the smart contract of the deal and afterward fulfill their obligations. In case of dissatisfaction of any party due non-compliance with the commitments, the deal can be revised by a panel of so-called anonymous “jurors”, delivering judgment in favor of one of the parties.

The Jurors for dispute resolution are randomly selected by a secure random number generator operating via smart contract. They are grouped into pools based on their specialization, e.g. pool for disputes in the IT field, graphic design, etc

ury.Online is a system designed to utilize the power of smart contracts in order to deliver a quick, objective and reliable decision in any dispute. The system puts an end to legal complications and costs, makes the entrance threshold accessible. Decentralizing justice, using a safe and secure blockchain based system that connects the jurors and the consumer online for a quick, cheap and automated solution.

tnx i followed you and i will check it out , your telegram group i mean :) Well done for sticking at it! Followed.

Thanks for sharing :-) I am following. Best of Luck !

No legal value. Impossible except if gov's give you some official juridiction, which they won't. 0aREVOLUTOPIST.png



That is not how the law works. The law tries to regulate and govern conduct of society. Eventually the dogma of legislation falls behind the status quo's thinking on what is ethical and civil, so the most necessary adjustments to the law are made. Bureaucracy, litigation, "red tape" are all expensive and very limiting to decentralized operations seeking to progress the growth of crypto-currency as a legitimate solution to global problems. So there is definitely a need within crypto commerce, so even if just became the official legal process for decentralized businesses, THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH. As this poses the possibility for more accurate "blind" justice, it can be assumed that most forward thinking businesses and individuals will opt-out of traditional contracts and go with something less costly to enforce, and if an agreement written on a napkin can stand-up in a court of law, then you can be certain this will as well, except it's self executing so keep your dated judgment process through bias-based juror selection, I rather be governed by protocol and blind expert consensus.

Great job, I am still reviewing the whole system. So far so good. Ingenious and a step in right direction.

Interesting.... Will def keep an eye on this

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This is very interesting and welcomed by most. How do your lawyer friends feel about it?

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It is good for TV Show, imagine the possibilities!!

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Interesting project but why not to build it on Steem blockchain and make your token with SMT?


Hello @anforo, I would like to explain to you that system works only with smart contracts in order to escrow money and in case of dispute provide independent jurors (arbiters) with certain qualification so they can make a decision who is right and who is not. Steem doesn’t have smart contracts, to my knowledge, but it is a good system for other purpose!


what are the fees associated with using

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Very informative post.........................

welcome, and good luck

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Interesting take on dealing with disputes.

good information and good luck

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