My late introduction

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Hi Steemian All


My name iskandar, often called as a drive, my age is 24 years my address is now lhokseumawe (aceh) birth place pante gaki bale sub district langkahan aceh north.

now I live lhokseumawe from since 2011, before I start elementary school in elementary school 1 langkahan and continue junior high school (SMP) 1 SMP pante bidari east aceh, and after that continue high school education (junior high school) and new After thatjust went to college at IAIN Lhokseumawe in lhokseumawe city.And alhamdulilah has graduated and become one of the strata one (s1). A little story telling hobby, and my hobbies maen ball and other related to the ball including like listening to music and so forth, quite a few brief introductions about me.

my goal and hope is to facilitate and add insight in winning writing and add experience and to add useful science in the future and quite so much from me Iskandar, greetings steemit community and Thank You.

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welcome to steemit.

i created this post to help new members like myself,

hi kandar, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

Welcome to steemit , upvoted you will regularly do on your good work , for newbie tips and basic information you can check my blog at @adityajainxds

some of the important website you need to now. (username) (username)

This one you need a must to sign up beause you will get more followers and more upvote by everyupvote and lastly the more points the more SBD. Try it and grow yourself

You Have My Back.....
Thanks @adityajainxds

Welcome to Steemit and nice intro post! I am also a new user and learning how steemit works. Follow me @byzantinehash and upvote my intro post if you like it.
If you are interested in crypto currency be sure to watch for new posts. I just made my first post on a series I am about to begin: don’t forget to upvote if you like it.