Hi Steemians! I'm Mike or You can call me LAsteem!

2년 전

Hey Steemians, just a short intro post to introduce myself to the community. My name is Mike and I am thrilled to have found this awesome platform.

It all started for me a few weeks ago when someone from @steemmarketing walked into my restaurant to pitch me on the idea of holding a Steemit Meetup (whatever that was) He was pretty convincing so I let them plan the event.

steem la steem.jpg

But, before they left I wanted to know more about Steemit because it was mentioned that it was based on cryptocurrency. I didn't know much about the anything other than Bitcoin as an investment but I'm a longtime blockchain enthusiast. I've studied decentralization in business for quite awhile.

Needless to say I bought into the idea hook, line and sinker. I was holding exactly 1 bitcoin so after I got my account I traded it for steem and powered up.

Why Steem?

The idea of steem intrigues me because it is fast, decentralized and apparently scales very well. To me this is really important for blockchain and Steem doesn't seem to have the obstacles of so many others.

So Who Am I?

At my age, you'd think I might have some clue about that but I can tell you this. My profession is in commercial real estate. My second career is as a restaurateur here in LA. My restaurant is called Il Piccolo Verde. It is a casual fine dining restaurant in Brentwood. My interests include environmental issues, food, surfing and blockchain.

What will I be posting?

I will post on many different things but one thing about Steemit that has struck me is the value of the posts on the platform for branding a business. Restaurants are a very competitive niche, especially in big cities. So I will be gearing many of my posts to the menu items from our restaurant and the various events and activities we have here.

il piccolo verde steemit.jpg

So that's a little about me and I'm excited to learn more about the other Steemians out there!

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Glad to see you took the plunge and posted. You will love it here on Steemit.


Yep, it took awhile but here I am!

Welcome lasteem, pleased to have you join our ever growing community. I'm excited at the potential opportunities in Steemit promotion and onboarding with more entrepreneurs such as yourself taking notice to the platform. On behalf of Steemit, it's a pleasure to welcome you to the family!


thank you @sweetssj. I just couldn't resist. This world is so exciting but also a bit overwhelming. I suppose I will go through a learning curve just like everyone else. There is a lot to like about Steemit so far and I'm just getting my feet wet. I just discovered Zappl and Dtube. I'm more of a Twitter person so Zappl looks fun. Hard to believe this is all happening on blockchain lol.

Good day lasteem! Is that your restaurant? Awesome! Steemit is a great platform to practice your craft and give publicity also. Welcome to the community and I look forward to reading your post, restaurant events, activities and stuff!


thanks, glad to be here.

Hi Mike,

Welcome... it seems you learned a lot from the guys that had the meetup at your shop... #Jealous ;-)

I started Steemit a few hours ago and was so lost (still am). In fact I still can't properly format my #InstroduceYourself post. hahaha

Anyway, I've been at it for nearly 12 hours now, and literally learning with every new article and Steemit post that I read. I'll try go back and fix my first post as soon as I have figured out how :-) Please feel free to share any resources you found useful as a Newbie.

For now... cool to meet you, I'm really looking forward to mingling with other Foodies (and travel fanatics). I'll keep an eye out for your posts in my feed.

Your welcome to this wonderful community. Have fun.

Finally a #introduceyourself post! Welcome on steemit, now officially, Mike! Keep being active and of course enjoy it :)

Welcome to the Tribe :)

you looking handsome.

welcome to the steemit community :)
i followed you :)
I'm looking forward of your next post :)
i'm also a newbie ..

Wow that's one of the most unique stories of joining to Steemit! Good luck here, no doubt that you'll do it well! :)
Followed your account

Hi! I live in Laurel Canyon. Maybe see you at the next meet up

short and very good, welcome to this community.

Anda baru datang di steemit, tapi anda mampu menginspirasi saya .
Terimakasih banyak atas intro anda ini .
Sangat berguna untuk saya .
Terimakasih banyak .