LOA Book Club Week 1 - Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis

4년 전

"Once I realized that the power came from within me, it was as if the light had suddenly been switched on and my manifestations began to work." - Genevieve Davis

A handful of amazing Steem Creators got together to read and discuss books based around the Law of Attraction. In this first week, we start off with "Becoming Magic" by Genevieve Davis. It is a short book in a series of four that is great for people being introduced to these concepts. It is a solid foundation on which to start practicing LOA

The group this week is comprised of some amazing human beings that you will be delighted to hear from. First, Iris Lee @allsthefoods, she is an entrepreneur working directly to make Steem projects grow. She has a huge heart and amazing insight. Next, Brandon Parker @happymoneyman, he is a leading edge crypto investor with a wealth of knowledge. He also has unique life experiences and perspectives that give open-minded awareness. Next, Diandre Brown aka Dookie Brown Flow @wolfnworbeikood, who is a seasoned artist that travels the world spreading his gifts. He has a brilliant mind, a way with words, and a presence that is truly welcomed. Lastly, there is Larry Morrison @larrymorrison, who is also an entrepreneur and helper of humanity. He has been writing and speaking almost exclusively about the Law of Attraction on the Steemit Platform and makes talking about these concepts easy and fun.

During the discussion, we talk about removing negative beliefs, letting go of what you want, feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled, experiencing magic for yourself, letting yourself off the hook, understanding your emotions, as well as many others. Please join us and listen in

Want to give a special thanks to IJ @steemcafe for putting on the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas where we all met.

Have a listen and keep the discussion going in the comments below. We hope this makes your journey a little brighter.

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@loaclub You get what you desire.


Here here.


Thanks Rory, much appreciated

@larrymorrison nice video editing. I liked the popup of the book.
Also, thanks for utilizing my green screen. Looks clean.


That is all Silent Joe @joepate47, it came out great

Love it. Congrats to all of you. What a power team. Followed you & resteemed.

Thank you for keeping the entire community of STEEMIT informed.

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Thank you, appreciate your support in this way

Hey can I join your book club?


Hi @metama, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this.

Is it weird that I never thought anyone would ask? How bout we have a chat and get to know each other and I'll run it by the group. Please reach out to me at thestudentloanexpert@gmail.com

Wao they really make a great achievements
Thanks for the info

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Great post and love the initiative about the book club, maybe you should post a calendar with the books so we can have time to get them and read them. Some times it is nice to have paper between your fingers and not only kindle swap.
The discussion is a great way to share ideas but is better if the books has already been read by us and not only to have the impressions of the panelists.
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Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated
The next book we are discussing is Doing Magic, then Advanced Magic by Genevieve Davis

After that I'll post a calendar so everyone can be involved


Great! I will be expecting that calendar. Great initiative!

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Love, love, love this! Thank you for sharing (:

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So excited about this! How do I become a part of the book club!?