I am who I am.

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I am who I am.

Hi Everyone! How are you recently?

I am here today, decided to make this #introduceyourself blog because I should, though I am not very confident of this because I am not really good in writing. I have got my Steemit approval last week but I did not make an introduction right away. WHY? Because I don't exactly know what to write.
Before I start exposing a portion of myself to everyone here on Steemit, which is quite a change to me, because I am not a talky person. I would like to remind you that I am neither a writer nor a blogger so please bear with me. I have got so much in my head that I do not share with others most of the time and so, I am happy that I am apart of this wonderful community that I hope I could impart to help this community grow bigger and bigger.


This is definitely a very difficult question to answer. I honestly do not know how to answer this. And so, I won't be telling or I should say writing every detail of myself because that would be so freaking long. Like, this is not an MMK (a very popular TV show in the Philippines about real life stories). So, I wrote a poem instead.

Are you ready?






Have you known this girl?
Who is short and hair is bit curl.
She is her family's pearl.
And her life has been a twirl.

I am Loudette and I am 29 years old.
You're quite old?! Yes! But, I am always not bold.
Since, my life has always been no gold.
I was always bullied and awful words were told.

Pain and suffering was always hovering.
Been telling and questioning life "What was happening?"
Even dear relatives' words were stinging.
But, I was, I am and will always be praying.

Though, life was a little bit unfair.
I have never been in despair.
Because I have got so much love and care
From my parents and sibling, I swear.

Dreams have always been in my head.
"A small house made of stones and bricks." to my Mama, I said.
"Someday." she smiled and nodded at me instead.
But when I saw this, my doubts fled.

Inkedhouse_LI (1).jpg


I like to do a lot of things. I like to learn something new and different. I have always been a curious person because there were many things in my childhood days that I have never tried. Now that I can afford a little bit of my wants, I try to spoil myself sometimes.

*I love doing Pencil drawing.

I do not know exactly how I learned this and how old I was when I started doing this. But, I do remember when I was an elementary student, I was always got scolded by my mother because I would use up a ream of bond paper and saw my drawings on it. I was even keeping a notebook away from her because it was full of drawings that I even also wrote a story on it and would let my classmates read it. However, she found out about it and got so angry. I also remember, I got a 100 score in college with my work. The teacher asked us to make our own work of the 'Bumblebee' story. I copied all the drawings, the paint as well as the dialogues written and she was so impressed that she even complimented me in front of my classmates. I felt so embarrassed but of course, proud back then. You see, I am not really use to being complimented since my works are always just common. Unfortunately, I have never drawn anything in the past years because, I don't know, maybe I don't have any motivation to do it.

*I love singing.

This is another thing I love to do. I do not have a very amazing voice but I don't sound like a sick cow, I guess. I just have a common voice. I cannot sing those very high notes, that is the main reason why I am not very confident in singing. I feel like my voice is just very common that I should just sit there and do nothing. But, I really love singing, I just don't have the confidence.

*I love cooking.

Though, we do not have a kitchen stove or those expensive utensils for cooking but that does not hinder me from cooking. Honestly when I was younger, I did not know how to cook (even rice) but not until I became a working student at my uncle's home. His wife was a little bit strict with almost everything so I was forced to learn about house chores. Of course, those were good things so I am very thankful to my Ante Tenny. And, that is how I started to love cooking.

* Travelling is the best.

Travelling is tiring! I know. But this helps me a lot to reduce the stresses of my life. When I travel I feel like I am in peace and I am away from people who don’t like me and of course, away from my job. I have never traveled to farther places in my country yet or even outside the country but I have been to some beautiful places in Mindanao and Cebu. If someone would asked me which I prefer to travel, I think I like beaches more than in the city.

seirra del oro, cagayan.jpeg

This is in Sierra Del Oro, Cagayan de Oro


I went to Simala Shrine, Cebu


Bawbawon Island, Plaridel

capayas island.jpg

Capayas Island, Lopez Jaena


Malapascua Island, Cebu

*A phone-photographer

I call myself a phone-photographer because I mostly use my phone whenever I take pictures. I am really into arts. I love everything about arts. Whenever I take a picture of something beautiful I always feel satisfied and proud. However, I only use my cheap phone's camera that is why the quality is not that really great. My friends would ask me why my pictures’ colors are good, I told them that I downloaded some really good applications on google play that I have learned from Youtubers. I have here the spider web challenge in Seirra Del Oro, Cagayan. The second picture is my good friend Ivy. And, the last one is in Capayas Island Lopez Jaena, it is where I live. I probably took it 2 or 3 years ago.


There are so many things that I would love to tell you about myself but I guess this would be enough for my intro and I am pretty sure that you will know me better in the future. I would like to thank @chrisvee and @jho0129 for helping and guiding me here. Thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are both my heaven’s gift. I owe you a lot! I am looking forward to talk to everyone and I hope my dear Steemians are happy to have me here. Have a great day everyone!

Steemit picture.jpeg

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welcome to steemit,,hope you great here! you will grow with original and amazing content, not plagiarisme and not spam here..Good luck and enjoy.


Thanks a lot for that. I'll keep that in mind. :-)

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Of course, I would love you to share my post. That's so very nice of you and your team. Should I use the tag in this post or in my future posts?

About the witness account, will do that right away. Thank you. :-)


No problem! I wish you good luck.

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I just did @futurethinker. Thank you so much. ☺


Thank you😊

Hey there girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I love your photos, poetry, your fashion: and I am Oatmeal and I am what I am and so are you and that is great.


Hahaha. Thank you so much Oatmeal Joey. What's with your name? Why oatmeal? Well, talk to you more soon☺


Yes, I am Oatmeal because I eat oatmeal. I like travel too. I am from Oregon and was in Vietnam. I like rice. You seem to have a lot of fun and you laugh a lot. Very good. Very beautiful.


I see. Nice meeting you, then.

There is a filipino group btw: https://discord.gg/Ycn3Jh


I have registered. Thank you :-)

Welcome to steemit! :)


Welcome to Steemit @loudetteiam! We are happy to have you here especially your SteemPh Iligan Community! 😊


Thank you @shairanada😊. I am happy to be a part in your community.

Welcome to steemit badet2.. hahahahha..


Hahaha! Thank you, thank you teach Joh.

Welcome to this amazing platform @loudetteian. I wish all the best in this steemit creative journey. Mabuhay!


Thank you so much kabayan😊

Welcome to Steemit dzai Loudette..xD Nice post, taas kapoyan kog basa, pero nice post..xD Keep it up dzai! Show your talents and be discovered!

P.S. I hope @surpassinggoogle will see this one.


Thank you teach @chrisvee for introducing steemit to me. Nag-effort jud baya ko og research ana bai. Hahaha


Thank you :-)

Welcome to steemit! Enjoy your stay here!


Will do☺Thanks a lot!

welcome to Steemit!

my 100% upvote hala ka naa njud ka dri hahahah kinsa may nrefer nimo , ill.do my best to support with the assistance of my friends ;) goraa na this!!


Abe nako nakalimot naka nako miss. Hehe! Akoa friend na nag-work sa 51talk ang nag-refer nako diri mag-1 week kapin pa ko diri miss oi. Lisod kaayu mag-blog basta walay experience kay mahadlok ko mag-post unya dili ko confident sa akong English. Hehe. Salamat sa upvote miss

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Thank you so much for featuring my #introduceyourself blog and thank you for welcoming me. :-)