Let's do this!

4년 전

Hello everyone!

My name is Marissa and I am a 24 year old Afrikaans girl from Johannesburg, well Boksburg, so please excuse the occasional spelling mistakes and all. (I am moving to Cape Town this year though)

This is me. I love wine!


I studied marketing and I’m an Aupair for now.
I am a very happy person and everyone remembers me for my laugh – it’s loud, and terrible, people stare!!
I’m not sure what I’ll be posting about yet but it will probably be in the line of me trying to be fit or about things I have learned along my life journey.

So let's go...

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Welcome to Steemit.com

Goodlock in steemit.com

Welcome :D

Welcome to Steem!

Hi please join steemit chat to add you to the community for support as you are new here.

Hey @maris you are beautifull i wish i could taste that wine but anyway welcome to this wonder world of steemit follow everyone if u wana get followed follow me i will follow u


You are very pretty :)

Welcome to steemit. This is an amazing place with awesome content. Look forward to seeing some of your posts. Come and have a look at @yoda1917 I am sure you will find something there interesting and I give my best to help the new people :)



P.S, here is an example of my work.



Thank you! Love your work.

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Welcome Marissa to the world of steemit 😊 I love wine too 🍷 Cheers. Keep upvoting and following.

Welcome to Steemit @maris, I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.


Thanks for the tip 👌

Welcome to Steemit! Followed you

Hello Marissa, welcome to the community. Another happy person added in the platform. Have fun :)

Welcome to Steemit @maris! This a great place to be :)

hello~ maris, Follow & Upvote is a You and I great strength~

Great post !!!
Follow me and i will follow you !!!
And lets do the upvote and comments exchange !!!

Welcome to Steemit Marissa, looking forward to reading your posts!

Welcome @maris aboard the steemit express. This is a great platform to express yourself just like any other social media outlet except this one pays its users for interacting with each other. Post good content and your rewards can be limitless but always stay true to yourself.


Welcome Marissa, you are now a lovely friend of tha Steemit ! Enjoy !!

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Welcome to Steemit! :)

A new Steemian :-) hello @maris I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, Wish you much luck! I Have upvoted and will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk


Thank you!!

Hello Marissa welcome to steemit :)


Maris, Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Steemit maris.

Welcome maris to Steemit.

Welcome to steemit!

Welcome to this amazing community!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

@maris Lets hear your laugh sometime Marissa.

Welcome to Steemit! If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask. This is a great community and people are always willing to help. Dont forget that
Good luck to you!