Hello to you all, my first (intro?) post

4년 전

Hi all Steemians!

Finally I got an account after applying a long time ago, believe its six weeks ago now...
It's been a long wait but now I'm a part of what seems to be an interesting community.

My name is Marita and come from Norway.
I’m passionate about travel, exercise, my family and believe it or not knitting :)


This blanket I knitted some years ago, it became so popular with my second girl and its not much left of it today.
Basically it's one big hole now a proof it was good hand work, but then again she slept with it for three years straight. Yes, every night!




Second blanket for my third girl, lets hope it ends up as a hole as well :)


I'm planning to post a bit around exercise and nutritious food so stay in there.



Take care, hope to see you around :)


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Hello.. Welcome to steemit let's make the community a bigger one

welcome, I'm new to here too! But it took only a day to get the account registration approved, however two days to complete my intro post :)

Hello, welcome to Steemit and I'm sorry it took so long to approve. I'm glad they finally approved it. 🙂

Welcome Marita. I love that you knit! It is a wonderful hobby. Your stitches are far more exact than mine <3