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Welcome to Steem @mbabar I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit!
We have all been waiting for you, we are glad you could make it.
I have given you a upvote to help you out!

Hope you love Steemit as much as we do.

I'm @jahangirbalti, a upvoter for posts. Send me 0.3 STEEM or SBD to get a week of upvotes! If you don't yet know what this is its fine.

I give manually upvotes to your post for a week . I exist to help out new members and attempt to get them hooked


  1. I upvote all yours post which are in these 7 days after you send me 0.3 STEEM or SBD

thanks ... love from @jahangirbalti

Hi, @Mbabar, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Hello and Welcome! Nice to meet you! Thanks for join

Hey @mbabar, welcome to Steemit!

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G'day @mbabar! Welcome to the platform :]