Hello everyone, My name is Michael...im new on steemit

2년 전

Hi guys, Welcome to my blog!

Sorry i forgot to introduce myself in first blog.

I am **Michael Jay E. Salcedo** -Im a student artist here in Davao City, Philippines. -20 years old and was born on April 26, 1997. ![LRM_EXPORT_20171103_113124.jpg]() **Hobbies** -Painting , Tabletennis , Travel, Photography, Videogames, Instruments: Guitar, Ukelele. -I love to travel and capture beautiful photos especially nature. I also do portrait photography .


-I do commissioned paintings. Charcoal, oil , pen and ink, watercolor ,acrylic etc.
I am not limiting myself in one medium, as for now i experiment and try other medium maybe in the future i will find my style in painting.

Artist Inspiration?
Vladimir Volegov, Cesar Santos, Casey Baugh and hyperrealist artists. I admire their patience in creating such a beautiful art, these three artist are different in style, process and treatment in the painting. I love how they capture the image and the use of colors.

What brought me here?
-I saw steemit by an artist on facebook and i want to try it myself. Im still a student and i know this will help my studies.
-I want to share to you good content of my arts, photography , life, travel, etc.
-Im still in the learning process on how to use steemit. I have a long way to go , i hope we can share and learn from each other.

Any advice or tips from you is much appreciated, thank you!.

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Welcome to Steemit!

Hi, Welcome to Steemit. This platform will be rewarding to you. Be positive, be active and share your creativeness . Your artwork is marvelous. I have followed you, so I can see more of your works and future posts. Feel free to stop by my Steemit blog too @Chinaworldexpat


Thanks. I also followed you.

Welcome to Steemit. Nice first post and intorduction. And drawings. I have advice for you. Write quality and interesting post, but first learn how to write and check how others write posts. On begining comment post which are interested to you. Try it and you will earn some STD. Just remember you need to write quality comments. If you want you can follow me and upwote some of my post or comments. Have a nice time on Steemit.


Thanks for the advice!.


Welcome to Steem @michaelsalcedo.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Great intro post @michaelsalcedo! Thanks for joining Steemit! I am @gogogadgetupvote and I found your intro post thanks to a link that @s3carlo sent me in my Daily "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty! I have upvoted and resteemed your intro, as well as given you a follow! Be sure to check out my contest post I linked, there are several useful articles linked at the bottom for new users!


Welcome kabayan.
Enjoy your stay here.
Have fun!

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Welcome to steemit. Enjoy


Thanks! 🙂

hello! i hope you have a good day! Welcome to steemit... I vote your publication... if you want, yo can follow me and vote my publications that are interesting


Followed you. Thanks!

Welcome to steemit. Congratulations, you were selected for a random upvote! Follow @godwinimo and like my post to increase your chance of being upvoted again!

Welcome @michaelsalcedo to Steemit i really like your drawings they are good ,hoping to see more good content from you . A great way to star on steemit is to follow some people with big accounts , i have made a video which you can access here https://d.tube/#!/v/wlson/dxxntpeb on how you can go about finding whales (People with big accounts) on steemit and the benefits of following them ,i hope it helps you start off on a good start if you like it you can follow me for more tips . Goodluck

you're a good artist keep it up.


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