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Hello friends of steemit, my name is Milagros and I love photography.
I have been told that I should introduce myself to all of you, so I will do the best I can.
Previously I presented myself but I did not upload my respective photo, I thought it would be a good time to do it. So here we go.
I am from the beautiful Venezuelan land, proudly born here. I am 22 years old and I reside in the state of Guarico


I am studying a beautiful career, political and legal sciences, currently studying for 2 years. I consider myself a treatable, kind, loving person, very good person and with good values that my parents instilled in me and that is why I am what I am today, every day I hope to continue growing more personally.


My dedication is to study, to dedicate time to my daughter since I have a beautiful daughter, which is my life and serve God that I consider is the main thing for a good spiritual growth.

I hope to continue publishing on my wonderful platform my photographs on nature that I consider to be super beautiful, every detail that I observe captures it. I just love


Beautiful is nature and all of it. Thank you @cervantes because every day I learn something from you, continue imparting that knowledge as they do so far, to know every more things on this platform, I have become a lover to publish daily my photographs of nature and my personal life ..



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Welcome here to Steemit, Milagros! I hope you enjoy the platform as much as I do!


Que bello, muchas gracias

Hola @milagros07 Welcome to Steemit. I am not a bot. I am @Noxsoma. Just a quick question. What's the coolest thing you've ever done in your life? What do you love? Answering these questions can help you become successful on Steemit. When you write about and share your passions, you will attract people who will support you.
Very happy to welcome a fellow photographer. I am kind of envious that so many young people are able to start and grow with this opportunity.
This is a public service. Good luck, best wishes. Stay true to yourself.

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You are Welcome, ..check this out(follow) if you want to be successful on steemit.

Good afternoon! I most recently on Steemit, like you. I decided that together we can achieve much and develop faster. Let's increase the power of Steemit together. I followed you hope and you follow me. Glad to new acquaintances! ;)


Thank you very much for your comment

Welcome to the Steemit Community. Enjoy your stay :) Here is an Upvote.
follow us @wallstreethodl for great news and information on all things crypto!
I will be posting an article on how steemit works soon so follow along as it may be quite useful to you!


Thank you, thank you for your receiving

Welcome to steemit. 💘


Thank you my love

You re beautiful and you make me wanna sing.

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