Introducing 'Motivators', your resource for Daily Motivation!

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Welcome to Motivators! We're a small group of entrepreneurs and business professionals from New York City.

We're big fans of Steemit, and want to add value to the community by providing daily motivation. We'll be sharing tips like:

*What we learned from swimming with the business sharks in Manhattan
*Tips on how to get up and get started
*Times when we succeeded and times we've failed
*Anything that we feel can help you succeed in business and in life

Please follow and engage with us, and get ready for a change in your life. Looking forward to this journey together!

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Welcome to the community! I just joined Steemit myself about 2 weeks ago. Make sure to check out Steemfollower since it is a great way to get upvotes which could be difficult at the start since you don't have that many followers! If you need help setting up Steemfollower, feel free to check out my Guide on How to Set up your Steemfollower!
Followed! Wish you all the best luck!


Thanks for the welcome and information. Much appreciated! Just followed you and look forward to your insights on Cryptos!


Thanks for the useful information.

Welcome! Just Followed!

Nice to meet you, @motivators! Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

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Value filled comment! Thanks for stopping by and sharing tips.

Can't wait to see your motivation posts.

welcome to the community steemit



Thank you!

Welcome to steem! Good luck!


Thank you, William. Just gave you a follow- looking forward to your Crypto info!

I'm new to STEEMIT, just joined a couple of days ago. I'm an artist and craftswoman. So far I am enjoying the community. Looking forward to your posts.


Welcome! Thanks for stopping in. Looking forward to interacting more!