Mountin - Who am I and why Steemit

5년 전

Hey everyone

My name is Mountin and I'm just your regular guy from Czech republic.

I love photography and my friend from university has shown me this wonderful site that in his word "will give me a chance to show the world my photographs"

But anyways...

About me

I live in the Giant mountains and work in a family run small hotel as... well... anything that is needed. But most of the time, I'm serving the guests food, sometimes I might cook and at other times, specially during the off-season, I'll be helping with small repairs and such.

Ever since I've got my first camera at the age of 12 I've fallen in love with photography, I've loved taking pictures of the nature around the place where I live. So that's exactly what I do as my primary hobby.
But these days, I do that while traveling around my beautiful country, when I have a bit of free time, I just take a car and go to an interesting place and take photographs.

Why Steemit

Well, I love to get comments about my photos and this seems like a good place to get those based on what my friend said.
And I won't lie, that fact that I would also get a few bucks doing this was a huge thing as well.

Well, that's it about me, here are a few of my photos.



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I really love Prague!!! Welcome to steemit!! ^_^

Amazing pictures @mountin. Welcome to Steemit!

Great pictures, following!

Upvoted, resteemed and followed - the trifecta!
Welcome to steemit. Please ask if you need any help. There are a few things to work out ... about 6 months into it, I still learn something new nearly every day about the platform.
I love your photos, the second looks like a toy town the way you have managed the depth of field.

Welcome to Steemit!
Great photos, especially the last one! :)

I love Prague!! So beautiful and friendly people :-)

Hello @mountin, welcome to Steemit! Beautiful photos... yes, this is a good venue for photo sharing. I hope you enjoy your time here!

welcome to steemit! great pic there! upvoted and followed

Welcome to steemit @mountin. Prague is beautiful

Welcome to Steemit @mountin

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Happy steemin

Welcome aboard!😊