I'm Derek and i'm new on steemit

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Hello everyone,
I’m Derek , I am a photographer and i’m new to steemit! About a few hours in fact.

I’m here to blog honestly about the realities health ,travel and other things which shape my life. I have a huge respect for everyone who is a creator of some kind.

Image sourced via Pintrest - original source unknown
We could be stronger together!

My goal?

I want to share with you my captures and to learn from each of you something , and to be a professional photographer.
Since I was a kid, i've always loved to take pictures,but I didn’t have a lot of money to buy a professional camera , so instead of crying I would spend time learning to take more professional pictures with my camera.
Here is one of my own photo.

I really love the idea of steemit : a platform full of creators supporting each other and sharing their experiences.

Stay tuned and follow me so you don't miss my first post.

Thank you for your time .

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Hello , and welcome , I just want to see your first post , cheers.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the community, @mrcowor

You should find the platform an enjoyable place to meet new friend and network, and moreover, earn!!!

Just get off to posting quality content, making thoughtful commentary and…just being around!!!!!

I am especially looking forward to those photographs. I hope they include shoots of nature! I love nature.

Patience and perseverance is what it takes. Finally followers will come streaming, and earnings will start accruing.

But first things first….become part of the community, engage, share, discuss, chat

If you should want some guidance, any. You only have to ask and I will be there at the go!

Otherwise for now, I here suggest for you some articles to look up. I have no doubt they will be of great help to you as they were to me when I was just starting off.

Here, check them out

  1. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ebitularmbert/steemit-s-2017-five-5-bad-habits-you-should-avoid-in-2018-to-save-your-reputation
  2. https://steemit.com/steemit/@miti/a-complete-guide-for-newcomers-and-minnows-to-avoid-a-possible-spam-and-to-write-good-comments
  3. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@okusarobert/is-your-reputation-still-at-25-or-thereabout-do-you-have-only-few-followers-this-post-will-help-them-grow
  4. https://steemit.com/steemit/@miti/newcomers-minnows-and-spammers-this-post-will-save-your-reputation

You are welcome, again




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